Saturday, July 02, 2011

this is the modern world

There's always something, isn't there? You feel like you are just catching up, you are getting somewhere, then BAM! something else breaks down or leaks or cracks and you have another bill to fork out for. Today a tyre on my car went. It's irreparable so I have to scratch around for more pennies, and as I've already retrieved all the money down the back of the sofa it's back to the drawing box.
September 2007

July 2011

Whilst rummaging through the box I found these two drawings. I made them about three or four years ago. Oh, er, yep, that would be September 2007 to be precise (yeah, funnily enough, I am blonde). Back then I hadn't yet found my drawing 'voice'. I was still looking. I hadn't worked out how to get the most out of my tools, in this case colour pencils and ballpoints. I didn't know how to achieve the textures that I now can. So seeing these drawings again, with time between us, I could not resist playing around with them; touching them up and giving them the AJ 2011 treatment.
September 2007

July 2011

And, yes, I am putting them up for sale. The 2011 versions. You can buy them, and contribute to a new tyre, HERE.


Unknown said...

I wish you and your car the best and am thinking happy tire thoughts for you!

jill said...

Must be one of those days, my car broke down and i had to be towed home from the north east of the uk to the north west. I think it will also cost me. I love the drawings and would be happy to draw in either your old or your new style

Victoria Stitch said...

fantastic! i just love your drawings! good luck with the tyre!

Unknown said...

I so know what you mean!

Your drawings are fantastic!

Hope you get your car sorted soon! :)

ChiQui pronounced like Kiwi said...

Just ordered my very first AndreaJoseph product off of Etsy! YAY. I originally wanted the I'm a huge fan! That's on my WishList. Like I said on my purchase message, Ms. AJ, truly you are a huge inspiration. Love all your drawings - the delicate softness of the images yet still so realistic in a dreamy way...sappy as I sound, I can feel all the love and passion you put into your work. Thanking the internet gods for making it possible for me to witness your unfolding. May you have more success in your inspirational art and your creative Life. Inspired and In-awe, Chiqui

Elina Ellis said...

I can't even start to imagine how you do your drawings and how long it takes! They look amazing!!! You are evry talanted!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you, all, lovely people.

Chiqui, I do hope you enjoy my little zine and thanks for the very kind words.

suzanne cabrera said...

SO COOL!!!!!! Just when you think an AJ drawing can't get any does!!!!!

daneastside said...

great drawings, nice work.