Wednesday, January 30, 2013

carry me home, carry me home you old sea spray

Posting a couple of oldies here, whilst I get my head around Photoshop and while I tackle (struggle with) my tax returns. It really is the worse job of the year. Made only worse when you leave it until the last minute.

These drawings are both on sale. And, are both on a sale (?). Excuse me for peddling my wares but yes, I'm skint again. It seems being a professional doodler isn't the most lucrative way of making a living. The original, of the drawing above, is on sale at a ridiculously cheap price. One of my gorgeous friends said that this drawing was like 'jewellery flotsam, a tide-line of trinkets' and, you know, that's exactly the effect I was going for. The price has been reduced, by a third, and you can buy it HERE.

The print of this, probably my most famous drawing, is also currently on sale. HALF PRICE! And you can get your mits on it HERE.

The day started so well. Me, and this drawing, are featured in the London Metro today. In a piece about doodling. If you'd like to read it here's THE LINK. To be honest, just being mentioned in the same article as Larry David has made my day, week, year.

Something tells me, though, that today's going to go downhill from here. Right then, *rolls up sleeves* come on you tax returns. Let's be having you.

Monday, January 28, 2013

i heard it through the telegraph pole

A little birdie told me that there may be some feathered (ish) visitors arriving at this blog very soon. Tweet tweet.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

i have internet!

Hello folks. Wow, that was some break. It is without any shadow of  doubt the longest I've spent away from blogging. I used to fret if I hadn't blogged for a week! And, why did I fall off the face of the earth? Well, a combination of two things; the longest of drawing funks which coincided with my old trusted computer dying. I really never could have imagined how hard having no internet access (apart from very limited on my phone) would possibly be. Seriously, try it. You'll be tearing your hair out within a couple of days.

So, now I'm desperately trying to work out how to use this new old laptop. I am a pathetic creature. I do have lots of drawings to share and I look forward to doing that - when I've worked out how to make my old ancient scanner work on this laptop.

Thanks for continuing to visit and I promise to reward you with much new artwork. Now, back to the drawing board...