Thursday, February 25, 2010

dragging a dragonfly

Well, here's the thing. About a month ago I made some half arsed attempt to lay down some plans for this year. Some drawing goals. But, the main one, the burning one, the one that I've been wanting to do for the best part of a decade I never even mentioned. It just seemed like such a massive job. I didn't know where to start. But I just cannot let another year pass without giving this a shot. I just cannot. It'll drive me insane. More insane.

So, I have to make a start. Right now. I've told you about this project before. In words and in drawings. It is the children's book that has been cluttering up my head for the last decade. It's not exactly a story but a whole world I want to share with you.

I think that the way I am going to do that is by starting a new blog just dedicated to the book. There I can reveal the whole story of how I happened to find out about this world and, essentially, begin to publish the book online. Until a publisher picks it up, that is.

What do YOU think of that? Does it sound like a good idea to you? I would be really very very grateful for any feedback about the idea. If I don't start asking these questions and making these steps now I might never do it. And, then all these field notes will go to waste or just continue to clutter up my already dazed and confused head.

Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tantrums and tea trays

Just a quick post. As you may know, I've recently been practicing drawing people, and, I finally plucked up the courage and went out of the house. I plucked up the courage and went out to draw people, that is. I found a quiet corner in a tearoom.

I felt quite concerned about the 'big boned' fella, above, perched on the tiny chair. I was more concerned for the chair, though.

The brat, I mean kid, below, was having a tantrum because the tearoom didn't have exactly what he wanted - despite them having more fabulous cakes than you could shake a stick at. In my day he would have got a good old clip around the ear hole.

How old am I exactly? 83 it seems.

Friday, February 19, 2010


So America, it's been a little while since our last little chat. But, I just have one more thing to say on the subject. Then I'll never say another word about it. Ever again. I am only telling you for your own good, but....

Seriously. It means something quite different over here. Quite different indeed. But I don't suggest anyone Googles it. Especially the faint hearted. Ok, that's it. I'm done teaching you guys now. But seriously, if you should visit these shores DON'T use that word.

Just so that you are left in no doubt, watch this EDUCATIONAL VIDEO.

Monday, February 15, 2010

it's just a booty call

Remember THIS POST? Yes? Well, they are back. And what' s more I haven't finished with them yet. Come back soon and see them in a whole new light. And, they will kick start a whole new project for me. 'Citing!

(Click on drawing to view)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

ain't too proud to beg

It does not please me to keep on flogging my wares here on my blog, folks, but sometimes necessity dictates. So, I have put a sale on my prints and zines for a short time - 'til the end of the month or until I've paid my heating bill off. One or the other. I find it incredulous that I have had a huge bill and yet I've frozen my ass off all winter. I've walked around in the evenings with a hot water bottle strapped to me like some kind of hot water suicide bomber.

Anyway, as I'm artwork rich but money poor I have to try and raise some funds. So, I have knocked MONEY OFF my prints, plus I'm throwing in a FREE ZINE if you BUY NOW. So currently all this (top picture) could be yours for a very a teeny weeny price. If you've thought about buying before but not got round to it do it NOW!
And, also to make way for some new products for my shop there's also a SALE on my Molezines. Any cheaper and I'd be giving them away. So, folks, hope I haven't put you off coming back to my blog with all this slick professional sales talk (I know, I know, you're impressed). Come back soon and I promise to never mention it again. Well. Maybe.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the day you happened to come by

I am so addicted to drawing people at the moment. I just cannot stop. These were all drawn on a block of post it notes, which I obsessively finished within a week. There are a hundred or more mini portraits all drawn from the TV. The challenge, I find, is not just a different subject matter, but the amount of time you have to draw. My trademark drawings are highly finished highly laboured pieces, so trying to draw something - someone - in a minute or two is part of the challenge but also part of the excitement.

Old politicians:
BBC news readers:
People from daytime TV:
and a couple of national treasures:
I still haven't plucked up the courage to draw real live people in real life. I mean, that would mean going outdoors, being in the company of people and all sorts of things that are alien to me. But that's the next step. So for now I'll keep drawing folk off of the TV.
Please don't mock me. These people are my only friends.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

one thing that was bothering me

(Click on drawing to view)
So America, there is a little chat I've been meaning to have with you. In fact, I've been meaning to have this chat for quite some time. I was reminded of this after seeing THIS POST by the rather fabulous Suzanne Cabrera. Listen up, apart from the very obvious 'fanny pack' (and, lets not go into that right now) I do believe that 'bangs' is the silliest word, I've ever heard, to call something. Something like your fringe. I mean really. Bangs? I want you to all stop using it immediately. Do you hear me?


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

sing to me

Well, I'm back. After a visit to the homeland it's back to business. And, I mean it this time, I'm just itching to draw draw draw (although saying it is usually a mistake, it means I won't draw for a month). No, no, I really am in the mood for drawing.

And it's a new me that returns. A new diet and fitness regime. I'm giving up the chocolate and the vino and am going to get my shit together (again). I'm all inspired. Seeing things with new eyes. Like this. I'd never considered drawing a cork before. But you know when an object suddenly surprises you with it's unexpected beauty and you just have to draw it? Yeah? Well, that's what happened here. I'd never noticed how lovely a cork could be before.

Not half as lovely as a nice Claret though.