Thursday, August 30, 2012

and it's you and it's me

A couple of drawings from the last two Dr Sketchy Sheffield events here. Above is the lovely Ieva modelling at the Greystone's pub, Sheffield. My fellow sketchy mates and I discussed this pose on our drive home that night, and all agreed it was definitely the most difficult of the evening. I was, however, pleasantly surprised when I got back and looked at this drawing. I'm just not so sure now I see it on screen.
So onto Tom, who I believe, was out first male model. This was at the Dr.Sketchy/Tramlines festival. When he first got into this position I wasn't confident about being able to make him look, um, human even. But, the best thing, I find, is to stop listening to those voices in your head and not even attempt to make a 'good' drawing. It's at that point you can relax and just play with your pens.
And, just in case you don't believe I drew this (not that there's any reason you shouldn't!) here I am in action. My drawings were also used to advertise this event, as you can see below and here.

Monday, August 27, 2012

tell me, have you seen me?

Friday night saw the first ever evening meet for our Sketchcrawl Sheffield group. And, what a gorgeous art filled evening it was. We started at the preview evening of illustrator Mick Marston's stunning exhibition, Outlook Gloomy, with  Bright Intervals, at Pete McKee's ultra smart little gallery in Sheffield. It's a really clever, funny and oh so stylish exhibition and if you are in Sheffield you must visit. I insist.
Afterwards, we met up with some other sketchcrawlers and continued our evening at a Moroccan restaurant, Ottos. Coincidentally, the first time I visited Pete's gallery, some months ago, I made a sketch of the restaurant from my car (above). It was because of that sketch I ended up booking this place. You see, iillustrated journals can come in very handy in so many ways; from passing five minutes in your car to booking somewhere to eat!

Anyhow, whilst it was not so easy at a table filled with cutlery, crockery, glasses and drinks I managed a couple of the drawings. And, I'm sure we'll do it again.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

hanging out my old love letters

The problem with having lots of illustration work on is that all of one's own projects get pushed aside. Not that I'm complaining about having lots of work on. I live to draw. I did, however, take a little time out, from the paid work, to make this drawing above. I got the letter, and felt heart, through the mail the other day. It had to be drawn and I haven't finished with it yet. Nope, I just cannot resist Air Mail. And just to prove it, here are some of my old love letters...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

feelin' allright

I did these two quick sketches, of my nephew, the weekend before last, when my family came to stay. I took a long weekend off from drawing (apart from these) because I knew that right up until mid September my eyes are going to be taking a right old battering, so to speak. Yes, I have so much drawing work on that I've also had to take time off from my day job.
It might only be a month off work but it marks a milestone for me. For this month, for the first time, I am an illustrator. A full time illustrator. And, it feels pretty good. Pretty good.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

let us not talk falsely now, the hour's getting late

 The chances are, if you have been to the beautiful Yorkshire Sculpture Park then you will have seen Henry Moore's Draped Seated Woman. From the main entrance, just as the park opens up to you, she can be found looking out over the lake. She sits on the hill watching over the park. Keeping her eye on things. Surrounded by her flock.

 If you sit for a while, maybe to draw or something, you'll hear the same old comments, over and over again, from those who come to look at her; stuff about 'her head being too small' and her 'being all out of proportion'. I want to tell them to take a look at themselves, they ain't exactly in proportion either. But I don't. I keep my head down. Keep drawing.

 And, besides, she doesn't need me to stick up for her. She doesn't care what they have to say. She's heard it all before. Over and over again. No, she's not interested. Why would she be when she has this view to look at?

Friday, August 17, 2012

still a wild seed

I first made this post over five years ago. I felt that I was just finding myself as an artist (apologies for that HORRIBLE cliche) in these early Moleskine sketchbook pages.

10th April 2007
"In my quest to draw everything in my house I stopped by the spice rack. I'm quite happy with this. It reminds me of the illustrations you'd find in recipe books from the 70's. Books that were usually called something like 'The Whole Food Kitchen'. The kind of book that gave you interesting ideas for things to do with lentils and chick peas. The type of book where you can still smell the patchouli wafting through the pages. I dream of illustrating one of those books. One day. One day...."

Well, I'm not done with the cliches. You know, if you work hard and really really dig what you do, it seems, you can make your dreams come true. Right, I'm not allowed to say anything more. For now.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

just singing a song

 Jeez, I haven't blogged for ages. In fact, it's taken me over a month to post these drawings. I made them on July the 14th which was International Sketchcrawl day, or Worldwide Sketchcrawl day, or something like that. Our drawing group, Sketchcrawl North, were in the gorgeous village of Tideswell for the day. For some absurd reason I was to organise the day and the weather was not looking good. So, before everyone else arrived I went to the church (or Cathedral of the Peak) to check that it would be okay to sketch in there - should the sun not come out.

When I got there I found a group of musicians practicing for a rehearsal they were giving, as part of Buxton Festival, later that day. They said that as long as we were quiet we could sit in on the rehearsal. Well, there's nowt quieter than sketchers.

The musicians were called The Frolick, a Baroque band, and they were amazing. I must say that I've never really heard this kind of music, and to be honest would never have chosen to listen to it (well, you know, I'm a Neil Young kind of gal) but it was an absolute privilege. And it was a lesson to me to not dismiss things before giving them a go first.

Needless to say we didn't move from the church the whole afternoon.

Some quick sketches of members of the band;

I absolutely love drawing to music. I always have but there's something about live music that is so exciting to draw to. I love the way the music becomes part of the drawing to the point, sometimes, when you lose yourself in it, the subject no longer matters. I dn't know how to explain it. I'm not so good with words, that's why I draw.

A big thanks to The Frolick for letting me, and my drawing friends, experience that.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

get together

I don't know if you remember, but some time ago I made THIS post. I'd been delighted to receive these bracelets, with my drawings on, through the mail. Well, now you can be delighted to! I've teamed up with the lovely people at Wristpix to create these limited edition AJ bracelets.

You can choose the links/drawings you'd like and make your own unique bracelet with an individual AJ link. Pretty cool, huh? Check out the lovely Wristpix site HERE.