Tuesday, July 16, 2013

our favourite shop

If you are near the Buxton Gallery in the next few weeks pop in and see the Derbyshire Open Art Competition. This drawing, of mine, is in the exhibition. It's of the gorgeous Atticus Boo in Buxton. It's the shop where I buy my Moleskines and other sketchbooks and is jam packed full of gorgeousness.

So get your arses along to the Museum. You can also vote for your favourite piece, so vote for this! Even if it's not your favourite still vote for it. There's a cash prize. And, boy, do I need cash prizes.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Riot Burrrrrrl!

My favourite way to spend a day is just drawing for fun (hey, I know that's not everybody's idea of a riot but different strokes and all that). I feel that I haven't done that for months. I've either been drawing for work or I've been out and about practicing my skills. But, what's been missing in my drawing life is to do it just for a laugh. Now, yes, I know this one also has a purpose. Sure, it's also an promo for our next Dr Sketchy Sheffield event, but it never at any point felt like I was doing it for anything else but for fun.  And, I hope that shows!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

into tomorrow

I'm very excited to announce that I am now one of the branch directors of Dr Sketchy Sheffield. I love these events and am hoping that the skill sets that myself and my new business partner Miss Hell's Belle (!) will bring to this very glamorous table will not only ensure it's future in Sheffield but will also see it flourish. If you want to know anything more about Dr Sketchy ask away, and if you live in and around Sheffield come along. It's huge fun.

A word about the drawing, I made this drawing of the girl and woodsman at our fairy tale Sketchy event. It was just an outline in various pens - mainly markers. After these events I always lay out all my drawings on the settee, for a day or two, so that I can deliberate, cogitate and digest as I'm walking past them or sat in the armchair. I then let the drawing tell me if it needs any more attention. Sometimes they need nothing, but with this one I kept seeing the 50s comic artwork and specifically Roy Lichtenstien. So, I went out and bought a Bingo pen.

Monday, July 08, 2013

sitting here resting my bones

To say the last few days have been stressful would be an understatement. I've had no internet, at home, for ten days now. I've spent hours on the phone to my internet provider getting technical 'help', had one massive sweary rant at an obnoxious member of their 'customer care' team and then broke down tears to an overly nice lady in their Essex office (I've spoken to every office they have). It sounds pathetic, I know. But when your business and livelihood relies on you being online it's more than just missing messing around on Facebook or Twitter. Although, I've missed that too.

And things just seemed to get worse and worse. Mostly brought on by myself and my inability to function as an actual human being in the real world. By Saturday, and after a series of unbelievably embarrassing Larry David moments (I'll tell you about it another time, it's still raw), I just never wanted to leave the house ever again. But I did, and on Sunday I had a lovely afternoon, chilling and watching (well, drawing) some cricket with my sketching friends. So, everything feels better now. And, suddenly I have internet. It just started working. I have no idea how long I'll have it for but as soon as I noticed it was working I rugby tackled the laptop and started typing this.

These are all drawings I've made, out and about, over the last few days. I found some old calligraphy pens that I haven't used for years and have been getting hooked on the gorgeous unpredictable flow of a fountain pen nib. Below are some piss poor figure drawings from the cricket match. There are some moments and lines I like though. Specifically the ones that I picked out with that thick nib.

Friday, July 05, 2013

on the road to find out

Well, while I am away working, I thought I'd fill the picture gap with a shameless plug (which includes some good news).

The plug being if you pop along to my little etsy shop: AJ Etsy shop you will find an array of goodies to buy - official AJ merchandise, that is.  Including the latest of the AJ Dickie Birds - Gertrude and Eric, the not-so-lovebirds.

And the good news?  Well, with nearly 1000 (that's one thousand!) copies of my first illustrated tutorial-ish Zine 'How to Draw Like a Nut' sold there are literally only around 20 left in the whole world for sale*

So a big THANK YOU if you have already bought this now much-sought-after item, and if you haven't then hurry, hurry, hurry, as they say in the circus!

Also another big THANK YOU to all the correspondence I have received with words of support, along the lines of 'keep it up!', gosh folks, I do appreciate it. As well as the FAB feedback in the shop from you lovely people buying/supporting a real struggler! Thank you.

*possibly, maybe, I think so, unless a few turn up at the bottom of a cupboard

Monday, July 01, 2013

Life's a G(S)AS!

Next Saturday (the 6th) I will be 'demonstrating' at the Great Sheffield Art Show. It's more of a talk really. I'll be talking about illustrated journaling (still not actually sure that that is an actual word). Plus, I'll have my illustrated journals there for people to look through. And, throughout it, I'll be creating a spread in one of my journals. So, in some ways it is a demonstration.

So, if you'd like to come along please do. It'll be nice to see you. You can read more about the show HERE. You can possibly book a place too, although I'm not really sure. I'm not in charge of that stuff.