Tuesday, August 31, 2010

all the weaving of my dreams

Finally a new post on my children's book blog. If you want to know more about this mad drawing (and, quite frankly, why wouldn't you?) then head on over HERE.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

remember when you were young?

Well, folks. I've been busy drawing away but this, yet again, is another secret squirrel project. For now, anyway. This is a little snippet (isn't that a great word?) of the illustration I have been working on. It's a one-off drawing from a children's book. I'll reveal it all when I get the go ahead. Also, I believe that this image should be available in some form or other (postcard, I think) in the near future. Not sure how much more I'm allowed to say so I'll keep my trap shut. 'Cos, you know I'm good at that.

Monday, August 23, 2010

and you tell yourself

OK, this is the last thing I am going to say about shoes, from now on. I feel like I've talked about nothing but bloody shoes recently. So, I'm changing the subject. From my next post, of course.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

show me where it's at

A bit rubbish, I know, but I just thought I'd share this little story with you whilst I get on with a couple of big time consuming drawings. A couple of posts ago I was bemoaning the demise of an old trusted ballpoint pen. The ancient old blue biro was seen off by a drawing of Adidas trainers. I was also saying how difficult it is to replace an old pen when you become so attached.

Anyway, the next day, whilst out shopping I found this pen on the floor. It's a lovely blue ballpoint pen by Faber and Castell. And the logo on the pen? Adidas.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

even after all this time

I remember at the beginning of the year, making a whole load of New Years drawing resolutions. I then proceeded to draw loads of shoes. Even though that hadn't been one of the resolutions. I had a big old shoe binge (or should that be purge?), for about a month and half. It seems that I have one of those every six months.

It's totally unintentional. I'm not that obsessed with shoes. I like them, yes, but I don't spend most of my day thinking about them. Despite what you may see on this blog. It's made me think about it. Why? Why shoes? Why do so many people like shoes so much?

Anyway, here's another drawing of a Stan Smith. It belongs to Josh, who has a thing for Adidas trainers. So it's not just a girl thing.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

and it just don't matter now

As I've said a million times before, when it comes to drawing with ballpoints (or biro, if you're British) I'll use any old make. I have no loyalty to any particular brand. Biro, Bic, Papermate, Staedtler, unbranded, Tesco Direct. Any. Found pens, old pens, new pens, free pens, chewed pens. I'll use anything. There is just one problem with this. When your pens run out you can't always find replacements. That's especially annoying when a pen becomes a favourite. Like this one. This drawing of Josh's Stan Smiths has finished off my favourite trusty non blotchy unbranded ancient chewed up old biro.

This drawing is now available to buy HERE.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

bright in my northern sky

I wish that I was better at scanning things. Because, I think, this drawing contains some of the most complex cross hatching I've ever done.
I often get asked about my cross hatching. How I do it. How I found this style of cross hatching. Truth is I could never answer those questions. Not very well, anyway. It would be like me trying to explain eating, or something. How do you eat? Well I put food in my mouth and chew. That's it. I couldn't give much more of an explanation. Cross hatching? I put the pen on the paper and draw lines. Lots of lines.
Seriously. I don't know how else to put it.

Friday, August 06, 2010

rollin' over


Seriously. Don't tell anyone. You really do have to keep your cake holes shut about me posting this. It's a stop gap post whilst I catch up with myself, and actually make a new drawing. So why the secrecy? Well, remember when I was away a little while ago? I was actually completing illustrations for a book. It's a little book that should be out in the autumn. This is one of the illustrations from it.

As I got toward the deadline I realised that I might just have left things a bit late (why change the habits of a lifetime?) and so I spent the last month just drawing. Quite literally. I sat in the chair for a month and drew drew drew. When I could be bothered I'd schlep my sorry ass into the kitchen for some tea or some food, but that's it. Pure drawing.

But, I ain't allowed to show you any of it. Or tell you about it. Yet. Not until the book has been printed. I can't wait for that time. I'm really pleased with some of the work I produced. And was absolutely astounded by what I could achieve when I got my arse into gear, rather than sitting round thinking about it.

Anyway, what it does mean is that when the book finally goes to print I'll have loads of new drawings to share with you. There should never ever be a time when I go for a week without posting.

Now go away. Keep your traps shut. And don't tell anyone you've seen this drawing. Or I really will have to kill you.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

stumbling over what to say

Ooops. Apparently gold pencil does not look anything like it should when you scan it.

I've had a kind of impromptu holiday that has involved a huge amount of walking. Walking in unsuitable shoes. It seems, I, without fail, always wear totally unsuitable shoes for every occasion. Over my weekend break this has included wearing the tiniest little ballet pumps, with an ever increasing hole in the sole, for eight hours around a theme park in the rain and a pair of mini kitten heels around a cobbled street village.