Sunday, January 01, 2017

on not looking a gift horse in the mouth

What did we do before phones? I mean mobile phones. And laptops. And tablets. How did we manage?
Our lives were so much more difficult. Everything was so much harder. Just think about how much easier phones, tablets, laptops, notebooks have made our jobs.
I cannot remember what sitting in a coffee shop was like before there were phones, laptops, notebooks. Although, actually, coffee shops didn't exist back then either. Not in this country anyway. But I can't remember what it was like sitting in cafes and greasy spoons before phones.
Or on a bus stop. Or on a train. What did we do?
I can't remember. Obviously, we'd have been much more self conscious. Exposed even.
But now, that's all so different. Now everyone is on a device and everyone around them blends into obscurity. It's great.
It is the greatest gift.
Really, technology is a complete gift to a sketcher.
For now we have models on hand. Everywhere you look. Still, focused models. Who never look up.
Who are so caught up in their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feeds that they never move. So, yeah, how did we manage before phones? There is, however, one downside...
*These are a tiny selection of sketches that I've made of people on phones, tablets, laptops, whathaveyou. Seriously, I've millions*