Wednesday, September 20, 2017

cat studies

 Recently I've got into the habit of doing a little sketch before bed. I've always been a late night creative, I cannot go to bed if I haven't drawn at least a little something or other. But a theme has emerged, as it so often does.
 I have a little sketchbook that I'd sort of given the theme 'cats and dogs', but, as usual, I'd only filled in a few pages. Then, So I dug it out again and began doing a little drawing of my old cat each night. I wanted to do something that was 'live' (not that you'd notice) instead of still life. I've done more than enough still life, from around my house, in my time.
The old girl is really getting on now (by that I mean she is ancient) and does little but sleep. I wish I'd started this earlier.
 There was a time, back in 2009, when I drew her 100 times in just a couple of days (you can see the results of that project HERE) but since then haven't really taken the time to draw her. Until now.
 So, here she is taking a well earned rest after a gruelling grooming session.
 And, her being annoyed about me putting a sketchbook and camera in her face.
 I've also been playing around with collage, just for shits and giggles, recently. So here she is sleeping in collage.
I love those feet.

And, if you did follow the link to the project I did when she was a lot younger, it turns out that here daily routine wasn't that much different back then. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

thank you

Just wanted to say a quick Thank You to everyone who has bought from my shop recently. And, actually, not so recently. A Thank You to any one who has bought from my shop ever. I guess I don't say it often enough, but I really really appreciate it. It is the difference between me drawing for a living and not.
All the recent orders are now in the mail/post.
Thank you thank you thank you.