Monday, September 29, 2008

one day it'll all make sense

Nearly there, folks. I've nearly finished the children's book drawings that have been taking up all my time over the last couple of weeks. I'll tell you more about it in my next post and then, I promise, back to 'normal' drawing and posting.

Oh, yeah, and this is a collection of hat pins that I found cluttering up the old dusty attic. The old dusty attic in my head, that is.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

you can't dance alone

Click on image to view.

Well, today is my blogs second birthday. I did have something planned for it, but didn't quite pull it off in time. Ambitious but rubbish, that's me. It will still happen - just not when I intended. Anyway, all will be revealed in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned folks. My excuse, for not getting my act together, this time, is that I am frantically trying to get some of this children's book down on paper. The aim is five drawings by the end of the month. Yikes.

This birthday is a good opportunity to say another big thank you to all you guys. For all the visits, the comments and the encouragement that you've given me over the last couple of years. I've learnt so much in that time. On lots of levels. It has been quite a journey. The fact that you choose to join me makes me happier than you'll ever know. Cheers.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i got the cat spit blues

A little while ago I asked you where you may find all the items in THIS picture. The answer is, of course, they are all things that you would find in a pixies hat. Obviously. Fortunately, I mean unfortunately, nobody won the million pound prize I was offering.

This a drawing from the children's book that has being living in my sketchbook, and my head, for the past decade. It took me five days to draw. When I'd finished it, yesterday, I put it down on the floor and went into the other room (I know, I know). When I returned the cat was sat on top of the drawing taking a wash. She looked up at me, shook her head and a globule of saliva plopped right onto the drawing. It is not waterproof ink. So I had an orange stain that I had to try to hide. I think I've managed it. It was the pencil in the jar - which had a fine wood grain before the spittle incident.

This drawing is on A3 paper. I usually work on paper half this size. I've just been to the print shop to get it scanned. I was going to take some photos and post them, but it needed scanning. I want you to stick your beaks into every nook and cranny. So click on the image to view.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

there's something happening here

As I said in the last post, I've been moonlighting over at our MoleyX group recently. Whilst I'm loving this project hugely there is one downside. You cannot post your drawings when you've finished them, you must wait until the next person in the chain has received the sketchbook.

I find that quite frustrating. The waiting to post. I was the kind of kid that would go hunting the house for hidden Christmas presents when there was nobody at home. I WILL open early birthday pressies. And then stick all the wrapping paper neatly back together if need be. So, what I'm saying is, this part of the project is testing for me.

This is my contribution to Juj's Moley. In my opinion, these little Moleskines don't seem to scan that well. They usually look better in photos. Luckily, I love messing around with the camera. Unluckily, I end up having to try to pick the best shots from about 80 snaps. I am not exaggerating. Even now, just as I'm about to click on 'Publish Post', I'm still undecided as to whether I've chosen the right ones. I'm rubbish at making decisions. But, hey, that's another song.

Anyway, you can see the full set of photos HERE or visit our MoleyX blog HERE. You decide.