Monday, December 29, 2008

could be in a dream

OK, here is one of those examples of taking a drawing too far. I think. I really should have left it as it was. And, now, I'm even contemplating laying down the shadows, in the version below, on each and every one of the woodland hair accessories. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Bit annoying, though.
And if you still don't know; click on the drawings for a better view. Go on, stick your beak in.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

throw those curtains wide

So, it's here again. Yeah, it's that time of year. I do have a drawing I want to post but as this photo, quite randomly, turned up in a Christmas card (that's my mother for you) it suddenly seemed more appropriate. Hope you all have a wonderful time, just like I am having at my first birthday.

Have fun, folks.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

love in mind

'Woke up this morning with love in mind,
it was raining outside but my love still shined'.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

smells like teen spirit

Niece: Go and get some more crisps and drinks.
Me: You go
Neice: Your turn
Me: You haven't even had a turn
Neice: Go on.
Me: Ooooh you....
Niece: Go.
Me: You're such
Niece: Boghouse rat?
Me: Yes, a boghouse rat.
Niece: And? Now go and get those crisps.

The inspiration for this drawing was a weekend spent, watching back to back episodes of the Mighty Boosh, with my niece. It was a typical weekend for a couple of boghouse rats. Holed up in a dark bedroom. The curtains drawn. Not leaving except to use the toilet or to stock up on supplies. Taking it in turns to lie on the bed or the sleeping-bag-plus-mattress-combo that we'd set up on the floor. And supposedly, taking it in turns to stock up on snacks. Well, one of us taking more turns than the other. Happy days.

I love my niece. We have lot in common. Including our boghouse ratishness.
Happy Birthday, love.

To find out if you, too, are a boghouse rat, just answer the questionnaire below (it would have been longer but I just couldn't be bothered to finish it).

CLICK on drawings to view.

Friday, December 12, 2008

drop me anywhere

This fiver was really interesting to draw. All those lines and creases. As unique as a fingerprint.

This is my response to Everyday Matters challenge #191, draw some paper money. I'm really enjoying doing some Everyday Matters Challenges at the moment. I hadn't done any for quite some time, so it's really good to get back into some good old observational drawing.

I also very much enjoy being a part of the Everyday Matters group. Especially when I need some information on something arty, like in my last post. Thanks to everybody who emailed me, commented and left a message at the group forum. Here's that fiver I owe you.

Oh, and the detail in this would have been much finer, if my bloody pencils would have sharpened without breaking.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

catch the breeze and winter chills

A couple of oldies here, from my Everyday Matters challenges. Or maybe, they are newies to the newcomers to my blog.
draw something yellow
Either way, there is a point (sorry for that awful pun) to me posting these. There is a question I've been meaning to ask ever since I started this blog. I do love to use colour pencil, but it often gets sidelined it for pen. I want to do a series of drawings in colour pencil soon. So I've started getting warmed up again. But, every time I do start using them I remember exactly why they got sidelined in the first place. And, that is the matter of them always always ALWAYS bloody snapping and breaking when being sharpened. It's just so annoying.

draw your palette
I've come to the conclusion it must be down to the pencil sharpener. It doesn't happen ever with graphite. And, as it would be a bit of a coincidence if every single colour pencil I own (from many different brands) were snapped before I'd bought them, I think it has to be the sharpener. So any pencil sharpener advice would be very welcome. The type of sharpener you use? The brand? How long they last? There's a fiver in it, for you. Cheers, folks.

Monday, December 08, 2008

never ever

I believe that, in the past, I have vowed to never ever draw anything that incorporated a light design on a dark background ever again. It really is a bugger. If you don't believe me have a go.

But, there again, I do believe that I've also vowed to never ever reveal any more of the contents of my underwear drawer.

I'm calling this one EDM #193 - Draw a close-up part of something. You can see my set of challenges, so far, HERE. I've also been interviewed this week by the lovely Laura of Make Do And Mend. And, you can read that HERE.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

you little charmer

Everyday matters #200. Draw something lucky.

It's been so long since I did an Everyday Matters challenge, so today I thought I'd have a go at the latest one which is 'draw something lucky'. This little Welsh pixie charm is supposed to be lucky. That, of course, is if you believe in luck. I don't.

Friday, December 05, 2008

someone tell me how i feel

Tell me, is there anything wrong with driving through the hills, blubbering ones eyes out to Elbow? Apart from not being able to see the road, of course. But, apart from that?

That's not what I did today. It's just what I wanted to do.

Monday, December 01, 2008

i've been waiting for you

So the final final page of my Moley. The Sepia One. That's it.
And, here's some stats;

53 drawings.
1 drawing I have never (and will never) show.
1 drawing I showed and the deleted.
1 ripped out page (at the very beginning, before I considered collage)
3 drawings with a little added collage.
13 sepia drawing with a little added colour.
30 I like.
13 I don't like.
5 I despise.
12 sepia pens (ish).
1 year and 8 months.
More than 300 hours drawing. Way more.
16 shoes or boots.
1001 Faves on Flickr.
Loads of gorgeous comments (thank you).

My own personal favourite is THIS ONE.
Or maybe THIS ONE.
The most popular drawing was THIS.

And, if this all sounds like I'm blowing my own trumpet, well, I'd just like to draw your attention back to the amount of hours put into this bloody book. Well over 300 hours. So yes, I'll milk it. And now I'll close the book and put it away until I can bear to look at it again. I'll give it at least six months.

View the whole book HERE.
More works from the Andrea Joseph collection can be viewed HERE.