Tuesday, March 20, 2012

i was thinking about what a friend had said

Now that I've (tried to) explain what this new travel journal is about it's time to get stuck in.

I would love any help or participation from Scandinavians for this particular chapter. All comments would be much appreciated.

For this first page I referred to the dictionary for the meaning of the term 'Scandinavian'. But what does it mean to you? Is this dictionary explanation a a fair description?

And, do you recognise any of these sweets or 'candies'? Can you tell me anything about them? Which are your favourites, for example. Contributions will make their way into this journal and become a part of it. That's what this project is all about.

Cheers, my dears.


froy said...

The Dumle sweet is a chocolate covered chewy caramel. As far as I remember the Marianne sweet is a hard chocolate-mint candy - I can't eat any of these due to food allergies nowadays, but used to like them when I could.
The Kalle's Kaviar is a Swedish staple, and one of the things people always brought back with them from holidays in Sweden, when we were growing up in East Africa. It is definitely an acquired taste - a smoked, fishy cod-roe paste that goes well with eggs.
As to what Scandinavia means, I guess my associations are coloured by growing up abroad with other Scandinavians - primarily Danes, Norwegians and Swedes (who have languages so similar it is more like dialects of the same tongue), with the addition of Finns (lots of common cultural mores) and the occasional Icelander (very similar to Danes, Norwegians and Swedes, with a slightly more removed version of the same basic Nordic language). Anyone from the Faroe Islands is definitely pure Scandinavian as well - again basically the same culture and language as the others. I think the differences between the Nordic countries are only really visible to local people, and only seem significant to those who have never lived abroad.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

thank you, Ea. You are a star! This is brilliant and I'll use it all. My friend from Sweden said that the caviar is available in Ikea shop. I'm going to go and find some, although I'm not sure that I'll like it. But if i want to get 'a taste of Scandinavia' I must try it.

Thanks again, great stuff!

pete scully said...

I spent a summer in Denmark picking strawberries when I was 19, and the Danes were by far the friendliest people I've ever met. I don't remember all that much else, but if there's anything to say (about Denmark at least) it's that!

Filipa Marques said...

your skectblog is by far one of the best and gorgeous i ever saw.
i love your drawings, the colours and texture... it's quite amazing! :)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks, folks.

FM, that's really sweet. Thanks.

ritschew said...

I'd like to give this another try, I'm swedish and currently living in northern Sweden and I would like to help you :P

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Ritschew, I would love that! Please email me (the address is in my profile) or I'll try to find your email address...

Anonymous said...

Scandinavia has many connotations. Geographically I think it is supposed to be the peninsula, Norway/Sweden, then Denmark gets thrown in and it also gets to cover the Nordic countries as a whole, i.e. Sweden, Norwary, Denmark, Finland, Iceland. so a kind of cultural, historical, administrative definition.
Dumle is very Swedish, like Dajm, a lovely chococlate from childhood. Kalles kaviar is as Swedish as it gets, and i miss it roundabout every time I have hard boiled eggs. You can't beat sliced eggs with liberal amounts of Kalles on buttered Tunnbrod.
IKEA is irritating as they now don't sell any food items which aren't their own make. If you are having caviar it has to be Kalles, forget about any other makes. I can't see the image now as i write but can always come back and write some more. I come from the North of Sweden; it is very beautiful the last wilderness in Europe. Speak soon Andrea! Ingrid

ingridkk said...

Oh no, my comment disappeared completely. Scandinavia, a region of many myths! Sweden, Norway, Denmark + Finland, Iceland i.e. the Nordic countries. Geographically I think Scandinavia was Sweden and Norway, the peninsula.
Kalles kaviar is essential for breakfast on your hard boiled eggs or on the egg halves for a buffet with a sprig of dill. Try Kalles on sliced egg on buttered tunnbrod.
Dumle is a lovely childhood sweet, like Dajm. Marabou is a very good brand of Swedish chocolate. all these lovley things could be found at IKEA but I beleive now IKEA has chamged policy so they only sell their own make of food items. this very bad. Kaviar has to be Kalles otherwise forget it. will try and publish this again. hope I can do it this time. Ingrid. Might come back with comments as I can't see the image now when writing.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you so much, Ingrid. this is fabulous stuff and I'll be sure to use it in the journals. Maybe one day we can meet up?


ingridkk said...

Good Grief Andrea all my comments ARE thee and I thought they were gone... I am not a techie wizard in case you hadn't noticed so it is all that signing in and stuff that baffled me. I would love to meet up some time. Love your work saw the Buxton Art Museum exhbition. Jenni tells me you're doing soemthing in the Festival too. Much to talk aobut no doubt. Ingrid