Wednesday, March 28, 2012

like a long forgotten dream

I was sent these sweets from my friend Tine, in Sweden, about a year ago. Of course, I had all intentions of starting this new journal back then, but you know how it goes? Finally I'm getting around to it and working my way through the airmail envelopes of loveliness that I received from some kind folk in Scandinavia.

The sweets came in a little green tub and just looked so, er, sweet that I ended up putting them in my one of the display cabinets at my my exhibition last summer. Back when I received them I had intended to eat, draw and journal them at the same time. After all the trouble Tine went to in sending them to me I felt that I shouldn't let the fact that they are now past their sell by date put me off. All in the name of research, folks. All in the name of research.

This new travel journal can be viewed HERE.


Tine said...

Wow, what a gorgeous drawing! (and the previous one with the sweets and caviar) I hope they tasted alright even if they were a bit old after the exhibition. But DO NOT taste the caviar! I think I´ve told you that before - caviar should be stored cold and that one hasn´t. But you should try some if you get the chance. Unfortunately I don´t think IKEA sells them anymore.
Usually the tubes are bigger than the one I sent. That one was designed to be used at, for example, breakfast buffets.
Looking forward to see some more scandinavian drawings! Hugs!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Hey, Tine.
Thank you. I have been hearing a lot about the caviar recently and will be doing at least a couple of journal spreads on it. I am going to try to get my hands on some first, although I do believe that Ikea have stopped selling the Kalles one and are now just selling their own brand. I have been told it MUST be the Kalles one that i try, though. So I'll hold out til I get some.

Thanks, my lovely.

Unknown said...

this style is heavenly. great thing i dropped by. keep em coming :)

cristodulo lucian andrei said...

Here it is approached from another point of view caviar