Friday, February 24, 2012

Roll up! Roll up! Come and see the amazing bearded lady (oops no, that was my last post)

This drawing had been sat, unfinished, in my travel Moleskine sketchbook for about 3 years. I'd committed to it by drawing in the tin and the outline of those little Seaworld sweets, but I had no idea where to go with it. Whenever I was working in the sketchbook I'd see it and it would depress me.

The unfinished drawing followed the page below, in which I am having a little rant about how upsetting I find seeing animals performing for humans. Of course, I'm not talking about our pets here. I regularly get my cat to juggle knives, and in a way I feel that's how she earns her keep. No, I'm being selective with my disgust.

Anyway, the other day I was flicking through this sketchbook again when it suddenly came to me. I knew exactly how I should complete the page. Rather than being concerned about my state of mind my first instinct was to draw it, and that's how I came up with a circus of performing (drawn) animals that are actually souvenirs from my travels. It all made perfect sense.

Actually, I do think that this is a way of dealing with those pages that sit unfinished, the ones that you feel are spoiling your sketchbook; just throw as much at it as possible. Give it all you've got.

Just one more page to go in this sketchbook! One more page and my first carnet de voyage, volume 1 (because there will be another) will be finished. How will I pluck up the courage to start that final page? What will I put on it? Hmmm, the possibilities are endless, if a circus of performing souvenirs are anything to go by.

I have two mini travel sketchbooks on offer HERE. Pop them into your the pocket of your Moleskine sketchbook for when you need a little bit of inspiration. Cheers, my dears!


mo said...

i love the first pic because it's so colorful and fun! but specially loved the second one with the dolphins. the way you mix the dolphins with the spirally text is fab, and i love how you're fearless about leaving blank space on your pages. lovely effect.

Anonymous said...

They are lovely!!! I love them very much. The curve in the second piece of your art fits just perfectly. Wonderful job for both of the pieces by you!!! ^_____________^ I can see that you love your sketchbooks as much as I do for mine. I always enjoy visiting your blog!

Annett's Sketchbook said...

The pages look amazing. I love the colours in the first one. But what I like most about your post is the motivation it gives to finish those pages that frustrate you :) ,,, worked for me. So, thank you. Keep it up, your artwork is lovely. Cheers, AnKya

Annett's Sketchbook said...

The pages look amazing. I love the colours in the first one. But what I like most about your post is the motivation it gave me to finish those pages that frustrate me for sooo long. Thank you! Keep it up, your artwork is lovely. Cheers, AnKya

Yvonne said...

Your cat juggles knives! It's such a shame you won't take her to the street corner to perform (I mean, that would be against your principles - I get that!) - she could do SO much more than just earn HER keep :D

I am in awe of & LOVE your work!

Victoria Stitch said...

amazing sketchbook pages! i love love the little blue dolphins esecially! you always make such incredible work!

afk said...

Very fun sketch! I enjoy how you make drawing seem so lifelike :)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you, folks.

Mo, I'm so glad you are still speaking to me after that drawing in 'Loon'!

Little Ni, I really do love my sketchbooks. It's deep.

Yvonne, this would be a very good idea but obviously my principles wouldn't allow!

Cheers, my dears x

mo said...

why would i not speak to you? i loved that drawing in the Loon, loved the whole thing!!!!

hugs, mo ;)