Monday, February 20, 2012

all the way home

Saturday saw our sketch crawl group's monthly meet up and we ended up at Lynne's house again (well, it's still very cold in these parts). This time we gathered there for a curry. Us Brits LOVE our curries.

Now, it might look like all we do on these meet-ups is eat, but we do actually get some drawing done too. No, really we do.

I've recently started using this little mini Moleskine, in fact I've dedicated it to our sketchcrawls. I'd never used one of these pocket Moleskines before. This one has been on my bookcase for a couple of years. I'm sure I won it as a prize back then, but I never fancied drawing in such a small book (A6). While it will never take the place of my larger Moleskine sketchbook, I'm enjoying using it. It's a really cute size and, of course, the paper is as beautiful as ever. Plus, it's always good to have the choice, isn't it?

Anyway, back to our curry sketching day. A couple of the members of the group did us proud with five different homemade curries. One of my drawing buddies, Matthew Midgely, not only made three curries but also drew up the recipes for each. This (below) was one of the stars of the show. It was amazing and I, for one, will be giving this recipe a go.

Check out Matthew's blog for the other recipes HERE, and while you are there have a look through his gallery. There's some lovely work on show.

More drawings from this sketch crawl to come. Cheers!


Beth said...

Thanks for the curry recipes -- we Yanks like our curries too! My husband doesn't care for potatoes, but when I make them in a curry, he wolfs them down. There's just something about those flavors and the aroma of curries . . . and I'm sure they add to everyone's creative juices, judging by all the sketches you and Lynne have posted.

Kaitlyn S. C Hatch said...

I love the idea of sketched recipes!

Jennifer McLean said...

HI Andrea,
such great sketches, love your friend's idea of drawing the recipe instead of all text. Just think of how much fun recipes would be to use and share if they were all art!

I'm wondering what size is your small moleskein and what size is your normal moleskein (which one do you like best, kind and size). I ask because I just purchased a watercolor one (approx. 5x7, 200gm paper) from amazon last night. It'll be my first experience with moleskein and for that matter, using a sketchbook at all!! May I also ask, how do you get such great photos so you can make zines out of them? I want to try making a coloring book from one but have no idea how to get the art out of the moleskein and to a printer. Do you get someone to print for you? Gee, I hope it's ok to ask you these questions, giving away your process, lol.
I appreciate it as I know NOTHING about this, lol. I've always cut up 30x22 pieces of 300 lb cold pressed watercolor paper, so this will be really new for me.
Thanks for your time, you inspire me.
Jenn of

dinahmow said...

Ooh, curries!I'd find it hard to sketch and eat!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks, folks.

Jennifer, the little Moleskine in this post is the pocket Moleskine. i have no idea the actual size but it's known as the 'pocket' one. I usually use the 'large' skectchbook. It's the one I use for all my other sketchbooks. It's not huge, A5 as we call itover here, again not sure what that is in inches. I've never used the water colour ones as I dont really paint. Also, I scan as opposed to take photos of my work. Hope that helps!

Thanks all.