Wednesday, October 01, 2014

the corners of my mind

Today I start a month of sobriety, in an initiative by the wonderful MacMillan Cancer Support called Go Sober For October - which not only raises money for them but also gets us, taking part, to look at our own drinking habits.

My feelings about it change like the weather. One minute I'm really looking forward to it. Excited about the break. No alcohol for a month. I know I'll be more productive, I know I'll feel so much better, I hope the house will get cleaned.

Then it comes over me like a wave, a tsunami actually; NO WINE FOR A MONTH. And, it terrifies me. What will I do? It's those moments, those routines; Thursday after finishing work for the week; Friday night; chatting on the phone with Tim; early Sunday evening; whilst cooking; chatting on the phone with Mark. FRIDAY NIGHT!!!

From the far blurry corners of my mind I remembered something that I saw in one of Danny Gregory's books. I can't remember which, unfortunately, an Illustrated Journey maybe. In it, he gives tips on journaling and one of the ideas he shares is to go without something for a day (chocolate, alcohol, smoking, tv, the internet, etc) and journal about it. I think I may try this over the next 31 days. It would be the most fitting way of me to document the month ahead.

I'm not expecting the next month to be easy but then I remember the cause and it puts it into perspective. If your life had ever been touched by the amazing, and humbling job, that MacMillan do (or if the thought of giving up alcohol for a month terrifies you, too) please donate/sponsor me. You can do that HERE.


Cathryn said...

I've read that in one of Danny's books too. I'm pretty sure it's The Creative License. He lists loads of ways that you can fit drawing into your life, including giving up particular TV programmes or taking less time over other stuff.

I gave up drinking years ago because of long term health stuff which means I just can't tolerate booze any more. So mine was more out of necessity but I think you're right, if you go for it, you'll probably feel better and get loads more done. And can feel a tiny bit smug when other people are complaining about hangovers!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Hi Cathryn, yes, of course it's the Creative License.

I'm looking forward to getting stuck into this sort of journaling. It'll be good to push myself on a different level; something that might be more uncomfortable, if that makes any sort of sense??? I doubt it!