Tuesday, November 21, 2006

slippers and gel pens

I am trying to wean myself off stationery and art supplies. As I was driving to my evening class yesterday I found myself being pulled toward Staples; I'm just not ready to kick the habit. I went in just to check that I wasn't missing a bargain and to get my fix. I got out of there lightly - just three metallic gel pens, a 2007 diary and a clipboard (why?). I'll make a fresh start tomorrow.


Teri said...

Andrea! What a hoot!! Yesterday I was at Borders and found some gel pens and a sketchbook of colored paper. I was as excited as you and bought them. They are fun to play with for sure.

I love this sketch you made and now I am really motivated to try them in a real sketch.

andrea said...

I have the same addiction -- and Staples is also my drug supplier of choice. Do you know of a good 12-step programme?

Teri said...

12 steps:
Go to Barnes&Noble
Go to Staples
Go to Borders
Go to Office Max
Go to Michaels
Go to Office Depot
Go to Dick Blick's
Go to local art store

And don't take any money or credit cards with you.


I need 4 more steps!

Thanks,I am honored to be on your blogroll :)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Go to Paperchase
Go to Hobbycraft
ummm.....hey this is like therapy!

suzanne cabrera said...

I LOVE IT! Wow, Andrea...I keep falling more and more in love with your artwork. I also really like the sentiment attached to this one. Dorothy had it right with her own pair of 'slippers'....'there's no place like home."

Jana Bouc said...

I love your slippers illustration...it looks like it could be an advertisement for a store that sells only the most special items. The colors are so pretty and soft. I've been saying I need to cut back on the art supplies/art books purchases too, but tonight after work I went to the local Utrecht Art Supplies to buy a brush washer for $4.00 and came home with a table easel, and a bunch more stuff. Maybe the missing steps in your program are:

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Aaw thanks.

Suzanne, I'd never thought about Dorothy and her slippers - but I like it! For me there is no place like home. In the UK we do seem to live our lives more in the home - I think that's because of the miserable weather.

Jana, I did laugh at your recent art store purchases. This is always the worry I find about setting foot into such a place - you never know what you'll come out with!!

I have decided that I'm going to turn this addiction into something productive by drawing all my books, pencil cases, pens, pencils etc etc. It may make me realise that I do NOT need anything else. Well, not until I've got that drawing board......


Anonymous said...

I can add Target to that list, where I coincidentally bought a four pak of gel pens yesterday. Is there anything better than Targets dollar corner?
Beautiful, beautiful work, Andrea and again, your handwriting is mesmerizing.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks guys, I'm really flattered.

Anonymous said...

Great topic, Andrea. These slippers are so delicate! And adding text definitely enhances the visual experience -- your handwriting is such a good match for your gorgeous drawings.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks France, I am going to try and add more sketchbook stuff. I think there is something interesting about seeing that part of the process. Rather than just finished pieces.

Anonymous said...

Oh heck! Now I'll have to try those gel pens.I thought they were just blobby things as most of the 9 year olds in my reading group used (and abused) them.Thanks for inspiration.

Unknown said...

I gave up smoking but couln't give up entering any art supplier anywhere I go. Now I've given up trying to give up. I'm a happy lost addict with no possible redemption. Nothing I can do!