Monday, November 06, 2006

happy accidents

Mostly I get really frustrated with scanning work. You can labour over a piece for ages; choosing the right shades and colours for your subject to find once scanned it has somehow changed.
With this picture, though, I am quite pleased with whatever happened during the whole scanning process. It was painted on a plain white board but hey! A 'happy accident' as dear old Bob Ross would have said.


suzanne cabrera said...

You're right...this is a happy accident. The color produced by the scan is so warm.

andrea said...

Beautiful! (Isn't Bob Ross the quintessential 'happy accident?')

Teri said...

Fantastic!! Wonderful color and shape.

hfm said...

Nice piece of work!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful again, Andrea. Your delicate colors seem to be rendered faithfully. Your pencil coloring has inspired me.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Is that some form of garlic?

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks guys.

Renate - this is some sort of garlic but I'm not sure what sort!

I adore Bob Ross and have done since the moment I set eyes on him. Ok, his paintings were not my cup of tea, but I could certainly appreciate his skill. For me though, and this is such a cliche, the world was a better place for having Bob with us. Aw, I miss him so much (I feel a tear welling up!).

Cheers everyone, I'm off to dig out my 'Joy of Painting' videos..

clearart said...

Smooth feeling of quality
Settled composition
I like it.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Medium? Size?
It's very nicely done

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks. This was done in watercolour as for the 5-6 inches squared (??!).