Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Rolling Over

A couple of drawings that I made a little while back.
Originally, I made a similar one for the branding and logo of a yarn shop.
 I think 'yarn' is what the serious knitters call wool.
But, I have no clue. I don't knit.
 I just draw.
 I really enjoyed this subject matter though. That's why I made a couple more drawings when I'd finished the job. There's something quite abstract about these. And calming.
I guess that's what both knitting and drawing does. It calms us down.
They are also both for sale in my shop HERE. Plus, there's 20% OFF all originals and prints until the end of the week.


freelance writer said...

I have always wondered, is it possible to create such great pictures and sketches or you must be talented from the birth?

Jennifer McLean said...

Hi Andrea. I crochet and it's very meditative. You're right, making art and knitting/crochet have that same calming effect, I just find the excitement of seeing your work completed happens much more quickly with art! It can take months to complete enough granny squares to sew up a blanket!

Nina said...

Andrea how do I sign up for your blog? It's delicious! Nina

laura said...

These are really great! So nice to look at ... I say that as a painter and a knitter!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you all, folks!
Nina, I'm sorry I have no idea. I've never ben very good with that sort of thing. Never figured out how to sign up to one yet. Sorry.