Sunday, August 27, 2017

a thought for Sunday

A thought for Sunday.
Surround yourself with art.
Art that you love.
It doesn't have to be expensive, or high end. Or even high taste.
It may be a load of kitsch you found at a charity shop.
It may be your postcard/flyer/stuff you cut out of a magazine collection.
It doesn't matter.
As long as you like it, that's all that matters
Just surround yourself with it.
Put it up, where you can see it. Put it up everywhere.
Because it'll become part of your own work.
And, I don't mean copy it or even try to emulate it. Don't bother. You don't need to. Just let it be.
Trust that, just by being there, it will seep into your work. Without you knowing, it'll become part of you and your style. Just by being there. I love that. I love knowing that.

1 comment:

dinahmow said...

I love your philosophy!
And I recognise some of that artwork.