Wednesday, August 02, 2017

a new affair

Recently I've had this urge. An itch to scratch. I just cannot get enough of colour. Specifically watercolour. It coincided with the landscape stuff I've been doing (in my last couple of posts), and has pretty much taken over all of my work.
 I've always known that urge would come knocking on my door one day. My watercolour set has been patiently sat there, like a book that you're really excited to read, that's been in the pile of books by the side of your bed, just waiting for it's time to come.
 I'm not impatient about stuff like that. I totally believe that you shouldn't try something because it's the thing to do, or cos everyone else is doing it or because it's there. I wait.
 Until I really really want to do it. Until I have no choice in the matter.
 Now, you see, I LOVE ink. I am head over heels with it, but lets face it, ink is a pain in the ass. It's a pain to take out. It's high maintenance. I'm not talking about just taking out one colour, that's fine, but if you want a full palette it's just an impractical pain in the butt. And, believe me I tried to make it work.
 So, after a year of juggling dip pens and three or four bottles of ink on a street corner, or scrubbing the table at your regular café because you'd spilled the bulletproof black ink, again, the watercolour set caught my eye.
 Sure it isn't quite as dramatic as Mr Ink, he's more subtle, but, you know, more reliable. True, he's not as intense either, but, you get twelve colours in one set and he doesn't leak all over your bag. And, anyway, I'm kinda enjoying his subtle flatter tones. Plus, it doesn't show you up in your local café.
Yes, I have started falling for watercolours.
 I haven't got a clue what I'm doing yet, but I don't care. The fun bit is finding out where this new affair will go. And, if that turns out to be nowhere that's okay too. I'll have new stuff in my locker.
I've always loved monochrome drawings but it feels liberating to not be tied to that black line.

Prints of my new landscapes now in my Etsy shop
(sorry to be peddling my wares but I have bills to pay. Lots of bills).


Anonymous said...

I am Loving your colour burst!! Of course I loved the ink, and the ballpoint, and... well.. keep it all coming!! And what about a zine or 2 too? :)

Sharon Gorberg said...

Hi Andrea,
I LOVE your watercolors! I am just venturing into fountain pen usage... I may regret it. I do like watercolors a lot but I usually draw lightly with pencil go over it with micron pen and then add the color.

Sharon Gorberg

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

These make me smile SO MUCH, Andrea!

Anonymous said...

I love your approach to new materials & techniques, and I LOVE the raspberry painting!