Friday, August 09, 2013

playing on my mind

So, Tim here, Andrea's friend, stepping in as her technology has failed her yet again.

Obviously there must be a reason for the need to post something, anything, this thing.  The reason is that Andrea is about to release a, wait for it, brand NEW zine!  Hooray!, I hear you cry.  So here is a first glimpse of 'An Idle Daydream Based On Colour' a pen review (of sorts); as it is titled.

This Daydream is all about pens used in making some of Andrea's iconic images. So if you like pens, or like the work of Andrea, or both, or are just interested in the tools of an artist then read on.

The zine is A5 size, professionally printed on a lovely 170gsm silk paper, 12 pages and includes not only images from this very worldwide blog, not only a story about the pictures' creation but also a new illustrated pen on most of the pages, representing the pen used (sometimes) in that pictures', er, creation.

I have one of the 'Daydream's here and it is smoothly gorgeous. They will available worldwide from the Etsy shop SOON. Possibly by the time this is read by you, you lovely followers of the wonderful work of Miss J.

Thank you letting me bother you, and do check out the new zine, I think you will like it.



Kaitlyn S. C Hatch said...


Unknown said...

Lovely new zine,...oooooh! It will be added to my collection forth-with, if not sooner!
Hope you get your technology under control soon, these things can be so wayward can't they?
Take care,
Best regards,
Chris Shaw.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you both guys. I seem to be online again but I've been without internet for so long I don't like to tempt fate!