Saturday, August 24, 2013

deconstructing a daydream...

 Here's a brand new drawing.
It was never really actually meant to be a drawing, if you know what I mean? No?
Well it started life as a series of little drawings...
They were just individual drawings of individual pens.
Some of may favourite pens to be precise.
That's all they were ever meant to be, but sometimes I cannot leave a page be.
I cannot rest until I've filled it full of stuff; words, doodles, daydreams...
 I originally drew the pens to decorate the pages of my latest little zine.
But then it grew and grew and grew.
Into one big daydream.
 You can buy the original drawing HERE.
Or if your budget does not stretch to an original (I know mine doesn't), then you get buy the zine HERE.
Cheers, my dears.
Happy daydreaming.

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