Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a nice cup of tea and a sit down

Last Saturday our sketch crawling group met at Sheaf Valley park in Sheffield. The event was an open day to celebrate how this piece of wasteland has been developed into a park with amphitheatre. Our sketchcrawl group had a stall/stand at the open day so that we could share the drawings that we have made of the city over the last couple of years. We were also pomoting sketchcrawling and signing up new members. I made the drawing above, of the said amphitheatre, whilst taking my turn in manning the stall.

An open day is brilliant for sketch crawling with all sorts of different events going on; live music, dancing, dog show, etc. There was an a amazing traditional Mexican dance group, Son de America, who brought colour, sunshine and big smiles to the day. They were a little reminder of all the fabulous and diverse things that people are doing througout our cities to bring some joy into our own and other people's lives. A bit like sketchcrawling, really.

Just across from our stall was a vintage 1950s tea and cake stand which was a gift for us sketchers. I could have spent the whole day just drawing that alone; lovely ladies and girls serving proper tea in china cups from proper tea pots whilst looking gorgeous. Oh, and homemade cakes. I didn't really make the most of that drawing opportunity because I got so distracted by everything else going on. I did however, at the end of the day, as things were winding down, make this little drawing of one of the girls sitting down for a well deserved cuppa.

Another great day with my sketchcrawling buddies.


dinahmow said...

Sounds like another great day out.And I like the idea of a "proper" tea shop!


this looks like so much fun and I think your drawings are brilliant!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks, ladies. Thanks for continuing to visit after all this time too! x