Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Inky October

#Inktober Day 2 
In my quest to blog more (this always goes 'tits up' as we say in the UK) I've got on board with the whole Inktober thing. A day late, but I'm on board now. 
#Inktober Day 3 
Now, I'm truly rubbish at doing these things. Almost as soon as I commit I start resenting having to do a drawing a day for a month (or however long the thing is that you've signed up to) and then it just becomes a massive chore. But it has been a while since I've committed to any such thing, and I draw everyday anyway, so I'm giving it a bash. How hard can it be?
#Inktober Day 4
Another reason that participating in Inktober makes sense is that I am going to be taking a couple of Tracy Fennell's ink workshops during October. I really feel that need to push my work in a new direction. To take it somewhere exciting and I've always been a massive ink fan. So, no doubt, after the classes I'll be itching to experiment with all the new techniques.
#Inktober Day 5 
So that's the story so far. I'll post the rest as I go along. I will, I will, I will *trying to convince myself*. 

Some of my Inktober sketches are for sale, in my Etsy shop, HERE


Tammie Lee said...

fun to hear what you feel about an ink sketch a day.
i am also doing this challenge and it is interesting, some days i am the sketch comes naturally and other days i want to paint and it is harder to find a sketch in time.

I enjoyed seeing all of your sketches. Still trying to imagine what tits up means. I suppose lying on ones back instead of.....

Unknown said...

Looks great so far! It's a fun project, I'm getting a lot of practice with ink.

Allison said...

The last drawing (of the flowerpot) is gorgeous. I love how you've only used one color.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you, guys. I'm loving ink. I've been looking for a while for something, anything, to relight my fire and think ink may just be it! Thanks for visiting.