Friday, July 05, 2013

on the road to find out

Well, while I am away working, I thought I'd fill the picture gap with a shameless plug (which includes some good news).

The plug being if you pop along to my little etsy shop: AJ Etsy shop you will find an array of goodies to buy - official AJ merchandise, that is.  Including the latest of the AJ Dickie Birds - Gertrude and Eric, the not-so-lovebirds.

And the good news?  Well, with nearly 1000 (that's one thousand!) copies of my first illustrated tutorial-ish Zine 'How to Draw Like a Nut' sold there are literally only around 20 left in the whole world for sale*

So a big THANK YOU if you have already bought this now much-sought-after item, and if you haven't then hurry, hurry, hurry, as they say in the circus!

Also another big THANK YOU to all the correspondence I have received with words of support, along the lines of 'keep it up!', gosh folks, I do appreciate it. As well as the FAB feedback in the shop from you lovely people buying/supporting a real struggler! Thank you.

*possibly, maybe, I think so, unless a few turn up at the bottom of a cupboard


Conelmate said...

Good for you! And I gotta say as a new Etsy seller your words give me hope and make me excited about what I do. Congrats!!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks, Ana. That's really sweet.