Monday, May 13, 2013

please please me

One thing that I get asked a lot is 'which is my favourite drawing' . My favourite of my own drawings, that is. It's a really difficult question to answer as I've made, probably, a couple of thousand drawings over the last few years. And, you know, what I like, or dislike, in a drawing, changes all the time.

I have a love hate relationship with a lot of my work. Sometimes, if I've laboured over a drawing, by the time I've completed it, I usually despise it.

Another thing I've found is that my taste often differs from those (of you) that view my work. The drawings that other people respond to in a positive way can be the ones I dislike the most. I'm almost always surprised by the ones that get a huge response. Sometimes not, but mostly. Then, there are the ones that I love and other people hardly even notice. But, I love that not knowing.

More recently, as my drawing evolves, and I spend a lot more time sketching, the reasons why I like, or dislike, a drawing too have changed. I'm still always chasing a great image, of course (good composition, subject, etc), but now, it's the work where I have challenged or pushed myself, in some way, that I feel most pleased with.

For example, I really love this drawing. I made it in one of the large Moleskine sketchbooks (so, it's on a bigger scale than I used to work). I saw the red chequered table cloth and immediately knew I was going to get a drawing out of it. The food looked great against the cloth was too inviting (but I had to be quick as it was being moved around the table). And, then there were the people, all chatting and moving. I like to think I captured the scene.

Maybe those are the reasons I like it so much, and I'm not expecting it to set the world alight, but it just pleases me. That's all.


Nora said...

I am always completely baffled by what some people like and what they don't like. It's almost always the drawings or paintings that I think are very close to worthless that everyone else things are great... and usually the ones I love are very nearly completely passed over by people. It's a strange thing. I can never understand it either!

Caroline B said...

I so agree with Nora - that's what happens to me too. Perhaps it is when an image strikes a chord within us, bringing back a memory or a feeling, and therefore is different to each individual. Who knows, I'm just glad people like some of my work enough to buy it!

Judith Logan said...

I SO empathise with every single word in this post!!!! But anyway, this is a great drawing, as they all are!

Judith Logan said...

I SO empathise with every single word in this post!!! but this is a great drawing, and I love all your work. You have a great, individual style...something we all strive towards, but I think evebtually, when we stop trying so hard, it finds us. At least that has been the case with me. If we made art to please everybody else, we would be tearing our hair out, I tear mine out just trying to please myself!!

Judith Logan said...

think I left 2 comments by mistake!! LOL!