Tuesday, April 16, 2013

i heard his whisper in the summer breeze

 Above is a brand new drawing. It's actually the second stage (step?) in another of my projects (no, don't roll your eyes) called Little Acorns. I made the first post, about this project, a couple of weeks back but didn't explain it then. I wanted it to start with a whisper. So perhaps I should explain now...

Do you remember the one red paper clip project from a few years back? It was the brainchild of a Canadian dude (note to self, Google him) and basically he started with a red paper clip and traded up and up until he eventually got himself a house. Well, don't worry, I'm not going for a house - unless anyone has a spare one knocking around, that is. Nope, I just really loved that idea and have always wanted to adapt it, so, I came up with my own idea.
 I began with this little drawing of this little acorn, above, and, I put it on Ebay, at a starting price of a penny. Then my aim was (is) to invest every penny I make into the next 'thing'. I assumed it would make a fiver, a tenner at the most, and I'd buy, maybe, a new pen or something. Now, a new pen probably doesn't sound that exciting but times are tough, and I haven't bought any new pens in at least a year. Which is okay, I have LOADS of pens that I can use (pencil cases full of ballpoints etc) but the pens that I use most, the building blocks of my drawings, the black and brown fine liners, had all run dry. And, I just know, that in this Little Acorn project the brown pen is going to feature strongly - as you can see from the new drawing.
Anyway, to cut a long story short (ish), my first Little Acorn drawing made a surprising £24 (plus p&p of 3.50)! So, I had made £27.50. And, this is how it was spent;

Postage £3.00
Envelope £0.40
Ebay fees £2.76

Leaving me with £21.34 to invest. I asked via my blog, and Twitter, for recommendations of brown water and light resistant pens and bought one of each of those recommendations.

Pens £21.28.

I cannot even tell you have good it felt to have that money to spend on gorgeous brown pens (and a couple of other bits). I now have all the pens I need for wherever this project will take me. I will do a brown pen review to tell you what exactly I bought and which I'd recommend in the near future.
But, in the meantime, the drawing at the top of this page, my new acorn drawing, is currently for sale HERE. I hope you'll join me on this journey. Where will it go? Now, that excites me.

Oh, and the Canadian dude is Kyle MacDonald.
Oh, oh, and obviously I used the pens to make this drawing. That was obvious right?!


anopensketchbook said...

I LOVE this project Andrea! But then again, I LOVE everything you do...and believe so much in YOU and your talents. May these acorns continue to take root and grow you a tree ripe with fulfillment!

Sue Westcott said...

What a brilliant idea! And a beautiful drawing too.

Rosemary said...

Fantastic idea! Brilliant!

Kiri said...

as always wonderful drawing. best of luck

Unknown said...

Oh wow! This is such a fascinating idea! I hadn't heard of the paper clip thing, but I like your idea even better! Your drawing is really good, and your idea is brilliant! I can't wait to read all the updates to come!

Unknown said...

What a great idea Andrea!
Looking foreward to see where this goes! Beautiful drawings as always :)

Polly Birchall said...

I'll be following you.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you so much!

Already am working on the new stage idea. But the exciting bit is not knowing what the budget for the next 'product' (that's not a word I like to use when it comes to arty stuff, but, right now, can't think of a better one) will be.

Thanks for the bids for this drawing too. I'm so glad you're all on board.

Debrina said...

Love how that worked out for you Andrea! You are world famous now, anyway! So of course, you deserve every pound you made there! I'm reading Danny Gregory's book with you featured in it (which is why I say you are world famous now!). Loving every square cm of this book!

jessica said...

What a great idea! I see my favorite among your new brown pens - I adore Pitt Pens.

Hans said...

Hi Andrea, is that your quotation? :)