Saturday, April 20, 2013

he was really saying something

few posts back I told you about a recent trip that I'd made and how I'd achieved one of my goals by journalling the whole thing, from start to finish. I'd hoped to share that journal on my blog, however, I hadn't anticipated the sketchbook not actually fitting on my scanner (epic fail). That was because I'd made majority of the drawings as double page spreads. I did make a few on single pages, though, and here are a couple.

The drawing, above, is of my nephew Griff. Throughout the long journey, to EuroDisney, by coach (oh, the joys) I drew Griff over and over again. There's a lot of time to draw from South Wales to Paris. Here's is one thing that I wonder; those of you who draw portraits, do you find that drawing people you know best, your family and friends, is more difficult than drawing strangers? I'm still new to drawing people but I always find this is the case. This drawing of Griff, was the best, but I'm still not sure there's a likeness.

Below is a drawing that Griff and I made together. Actually, a large percentage of the drawings in the journal were joint efforts. I think this one shows what fun journalling can be - for the whole family! We were very lucky that we also had a muse; the chain smoking driver, who we were sat behind. He kept us entertained with his tall tales and his excuses for stopping (just so that he could have a cigarette or five). These included 'stopping for the kiddies to stretch their legs', 'stopping so the kiddies can get some chips' and, the best, 'stopping so we could get some fresh air'.

I absolutely love this drawing. It takes me right back to that time - which is something an illustrated journal can do so much better than a photograph ever can. Plus, it never fails to make me laugh. Thanks for the memory, Griff.


dinahmow said...

I'm rubbish at drawing people! Well, not much good at other things either, but CANNOT draw friends and family.Too close? I don't know, but even for quick sketches I freeze.
When I was modelling I sometimes did a pencil contour during my "rest breaks" but it's easier when you don't know the leg you're drawing!

Anonymous said...

I love, absolutely love, seeing you draw people. I find it harder to draw people I know well than people I've only met in photos (2 dimensions). Could never draw my mom, let alone come up with a decent self-portrait.
When I meet you (because I will, I will, some day!!!), I hope I will get to see this journal.

Joy Murray said...

I think it's really hard to draw friends and family. I'm embarking on it this year, maybe, I keep putting it off. I'm afraid they won't like how I interpret them. That's my problem with all drawing, actually. It's nice to see your sketchy work and how much a drawing can say.Great work!

Susanne said...

If your journal is to big for the scanner, take pictures of your journal.

Caroline B said...

As a portrait painter on occasion, yes I do find drawing close friends and family far more difficult. I think there is the added pressure to get it right for one thing as you know them so well, plus you cannot escape their comments afterwards. If I sell a painting, I don't have to hear what is said about it when it is gone, but friends and family are not afraid to pull their punches when it comes to critiques, so sometimes the easier option is just not to draw them.

Michelle O'Connor said...

I've always wanted to do an illustrated journal but I feel like I'm too aught up in making it perfect. I know I should let that go and try to draw more freely! Your drawings are inspiring. I look forward to seeing more if you figure out how to scan them! :-)

K said...

I could just ditto everything France said. That is my experience exactly.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks, so much guy.

Yes, I totally agree with everything you've said. There is something about being 'too close' that piles on the pressure. I'm happy (not the right word) to find it's not just me.

Cheers, my dears.