Tuesday, November 06, 2012

out of the sinking

Here's a piece that I have made for an upcoming exhibition organised by Cardboard Shelter (a charity that raises money and awareness about homelessness). They can explain, what they do, better than I can, so, if you are interested, check out their website HERE. Plus, there's some lovely artwork to look at.

But, the gist of it is that a bunch of artists contribute a piece of work, to be sold at the exhibition. No themes and just one rule; the artwork must be on cardboard. 'The idea of the cardboard canvas is a nod towards the material which provides shelter to many homeless'. I pinched that quote from their site. See, I told you they could explain it better.

For this piece, I reworked one of the sketches I'd made at a Dr. Sketchy event, of the lovely Hell's Belle, on a piece of cardboard from an old, used, sketchbook (what else?). I knew that I kept those old pieces of cardboard for a reason.

Making this got me thinking; I hardly ever draw on coloured paper. I don't know why. I must do it more often. I like the effect and the tones I got from blending the graphite pencil into the grey board. But, don't hold your breath, I was saying something similar when I contributed to this good cause some time ago. Check THIS out.


Joan Y said...

What a wonderful benefit! I really admire folks that use their talents to benefit others. You're an inspiration!

Chelle said...

Some white accents here and there might have been nice in this drawing. Jeweler designers often draw on grey paper because it makes shiny things painted in white really stick out, such as gold, diamonds and pearls ... that would otherwise be impossible to draw on a white piece of paper.

Unknown said...

Nice to see you back:-)

Unknown said...

Nice to see you back:-)

Ann said...

I adore all your drawings! -^___^-
What a amazing piece oj art!

lilotte said...

I loved to meet you in Clermont. You are on my blog.
I hope you liked the exhibition. I guess it was hard for you with all those people walking in front of you and no time to visit the other booths.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you, guys.

Chelle, yes, I think you are right. It would have been a nice addition. Wish I'd thought of it at the time. maybe next time. A good tip.

Lilotte, thanks so much. It was wonderful to meet all the lovely people who came to the exhibition over the course of the weekend. It's true, I had just half an hour to go and look at what others were doing. So much amazing work.

Cheers, guys.