Monday, August 27, 2012

tell me, have you seen me?

Friday night saw the first ever evening meet for our Sketchcrawl Sheffield group. And, what a gorgeous art filled evening it was. We started at the preview evening of illustrator Mick Marston's stunning exhibition, Outlook Gloomy, with  Bright Intervals, at Pete McKee's ultra smart little gallery in Sheffield. It's a really clever, funny and oh so stylish exhibition and if you are in Sheffield you must visit. I insist.
Afterwards, we met up with some other sketchcrawlers and continued our evening at a Moroccan restaurant, Ottos. Coincidentally, the first time I visited Pete's gallery, some months ago, I made a sketch of the restaurant from my car (above). It was because of that sketch I ended up booking this place. You see, iillustrated journals can come in very handy in so many ways; from passing five minutes in your car to booking somewhere to eat!

Anyhow, whilst it was not so easy at a table filled with cutlery, crockery, glasses and drinks I managed a couple of the drawings. And, I'm sure we'll do it again.


Alika said...

It's a lot on your sketchbook table!:)

How do people react when you draw in restaurant? I don't mean your sketch group members - but others?

Unknown said...

The 3rd drawing is amazing!!

Unknown said...

I like the table full with the overlapping lines it's busy like a New York subway station.

nanke's stuff said...

I've been behind in all my favorite blogs, but I have to say yours never disappoints! Good for you for being a full time artist .. Congrats!! nancy

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks, guys.

Alika, nobody noticed they were all busy having a good time. I did, however, warn the restaurant, beforehand, that we may need more time in between course!

Mary, yeah, the lady from Otto's said that at the end of the evening the table looks like a Morrocan landscape, which I liked.

Thanks, Nancy and Mig.