Saturday, June 30, 2012

you gotta roll with it

 These are the final couple of drawings from the rock n roll day last weekend. Actually, there's also a motorbike but that might take some time to finish. I must say that I'm pretty pleased that in just one day I produced so much stuff.

 I'l let you into a secret about the car below; it most definitely wasn't that shape. I started off at the front of the car, which was going okay. Not great but okay. Then I realised that there was absolutely no bloody way I was going to fit the whole thing onto the page. It was, after all, a big long Zodiac! So, I had a decision to make and, yes, I did. I squashed the whole thing into the space I had. Ah well, as long as we keep it to ourselves nobody else ever needs to know.

 Throughout this drawing I was thinking of my friend France Belleville and her 'ladies'.


bellefrogworks said...

I love your "squashed" car - it would also probably get better gas mileage than the full size. Great sketches!

dinahmow said...

OK, so you squished the car. Just a bit! But the Forever Sketchcrawl tattoo more than makes up for it! Laughing my socks off here!
(I thought of "Wagonized"when you drew the Consul)

Dan Kent said...

You see here's what happens: any car you draw goes through a transformation and becomes really cute!

Unknown said...

what a charming vehicle! love it!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks, guys.

I'm finding it very difficult to draw a car and not make it look like a France Belleville car. More practice is needed!

Dan, I just like cute cars!

Cheers, my dears.

vif said...

Really enjoyed your sketches!

James said...

Nice! Is that colored pencil and ink on moleskin paper?