Wednesday, June 27, 2012

jive talking

So, here's the last few drawings, I'll post, of the jiving (thanks, Elaine!) from the day I spent at the1950s event at Crich Tramway Village. This was a really great excercise in drawing people. You have to work quick - especially when the music was as fast and furious as this. Emmercing yourself in the whole atmosphere and getting caught up in the pace, and the beat, comes through in the drawing. I hope. I couldn't get enough of this whole scene; from them rockin on the dance floor to them watching from the sideline, waiting to be asked to dance.


Jamie Gregory said...

It amazes me how much your distinct drawing style shows through even in your quick sketches! These are really fun and full of energy!

Michel said...

Hey! There are some faces coming through ... I can't wait to see you becoming more sure about drawing them and getting all the expression out.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks, guys.

Jamie, can you really see my style in those sketches? I feel pleased about that because I always feel I'm scratching around looking for my style when it comes to drawing people.

Same goes for faces, Michel. I think it'll take a while before I feel more confident about drawing faces but I just have to keep drawing cos that's the only way I will become more confident; practice practice practice!

Thanks, you both. Your comments are most appreciated.