Tuesday, November 16, 2010

for such a long time now

Another from the travel Moleskine.

I'll be exhibiting my Moleskines, including the travel Moleskine, at the Biennale; Carnet de Voyage event in Clermont Ferrand this coming weekend. If you are planning to visit the exhibition stop by and say hello.


Unknown said...

Leaves me yearning to travel...

Rachel Hoyt said...

I think that queen of hearts stamp was from me! And, the way Bart is grinning?! If only Katherine could see. :o)

Rhyme Me a Smile

mo said...

i'll tell you what, as an avid stamp collector, this drawing just made me drool! i triple love it, it's just so perfect.

Avital said...

That's great! Wish I could be there to see the exhibit. BTW, you might want to consider changing the link to the English version of the exhibition page, since your blog is in English. I was working patiently through the French (borrowed laptop doesn't have Chrome installed) and then I noticed the UK flag in the upper right corner.

Camille Green said...

I was so disappointed you could not come to the Biennale last year !
I hope you will have fun this year, unfortunately I couldn't be there !


mcverhoog said...

Wow, this kind of drawings makes you want to travel! Wonderful.
I like your site too. I've added your site to my "inspiration" list. I hope you don't mind.

Missy said...

Sorry I'm leaving near Paris ! Clermont Ferrand is too far just to say hello !
a French woman fan !

Bonitta said...

i love your blog. I have a spare moleskine I dunno what to to with it, but now you gave me an idea. Some zine about movies and so...thank you!
Visit my blog in case you're bored. hahaha

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks, everybody.

Back from France, had the most wonderful time, the exhibtion was amazing. And got to meet some people who know me from this blog.

Camille, what a shame. It would have been so lovely to meet you. Will you be there next year? I hope to be.

Thanks again, you make my day.

And some drawings coming up soon.

Camille Green said...

Ok, Andrea see you next year at La Biennale !

I asked my friends to take a photo of you and your stand, I hope they will send it to me soon !


Francisco Javier Cañete Martín said...

I will only say one word. Well, two words: Bart Simpson?

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks, folks.

Camille, NOOOO!! I hate having my photo taken. Please do not show it to anyone. They will be most disturbed.

FJ, I don't know either?