Friday, April 10, 2009

how soon is now?

For those of you who have asked, I will get around to reporting on my trip to Bologna Children's Book Fair soon. Really, I will.
One of the great things about the trip was getting to meet some fellow drawing-bloggers. I know, from being a part of the online drawing community, that quite a few people have met up with fellow artists. This was the first time I'd met anyone who I communicate with online. It's an odd experience, and one day as I was walking around a small Italian city with three bloggers, who all have the love of illustration in common, it struck me how amazing and weird and wonderful the internet is (daily, I'm struck by how mind blowing the internet is, it's just that sometimes you remember where you were when you were struck).
Of course, I've known Miguel, and his work, for some time. Also, we are both participants in the MoleyX 12 group (I say participant, but that's probably pushing it a bit when it comes to me). Meeting Miguel was like meeting an old friend. A lovely experience. I had never come across Anah's work before . And, even though we could not understand a word that each other said (!), she was such a delight to spend time with. Then, there was Lapin, whose work I knew vaguely. I certainly remember commenting on some of his gorgeous drawings in the past. It seems that every man, woman, child and (probably) animal that meets Lapin falls in love with him. And, I'm no exception. Have a look through HIS BLOG. You won't be disappointed. You might just fall in love.
I have uploaded a set of photos, from the trip, to Flickr. Every picture, apart from one, of the Fair came out blurred. True to form, I had the camera on the wrong setting. So, I have no pictures of my work at the Fair. No photos of me there. Maybe I didn't even go? Actually, there is just this one, thanks to Anah's old Polaroid and a passer by. Spot the Brit. The clue is you're looking for the self conscious, awkward looking one.
Take a stroll around Bologna with me HERE.


donna said...

Love the blog links, thanks! I am glad you are back and gave me an AJ fix. I love your illustrations so, so much. I have to look and see if you have made a blurb book that I can buy. ;)

Felicity Grace said...

What an incredible experience! It's fun just reading about it - and at last! a photo of you!

lapin said...
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lapin said...

thank you so much andrea.
this hat is MY hat, no doubt, fantastic!
I was talking about you this week, meeting gabi campanario =:)

and thanks also for sharing your pictures - so nice, it reminds me this dreamy time with you all.

petescully said...

that's wicked, it sounds like such fun. i enjoyed the photos on flickr, the travelling moo cards.

suzanne cabrera said...

Yay! Yay! Yay!

wagonized said...

I'm off to Flickr!
I am a bit hooked (=euphemism!) to Lapin's sketches as well. Love it all.

Thanks for posting the shot! Sweet!

Anthony said...

Great post, Andrea! Love the hat, love the photo, love the links. I had seen Lapin's work on the Urban Sketcher's web site and loved his use of ledgers and graph paper books. There's something free and inspiring about it. You are very lucky to have had that opportunity to visit with such talented fellow bloggers, all of them!

Pippa said...

I signed up to your RSS feeds and was just popping over to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE that new step-by-step drawing. I really love seeing how you work anyway but the shoes were brilliant - the one on the right looked as though it was made of wood. Brilliant! But then, it was gone! Just like that! So I'm guessing it's not perfect enough for you? Well I absolutely love it. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Great hat pic! You've got the texture really well (at least I assume you have - it looks hatty).

Nice photo too - love the trousers. :-) Sounds like you had an ace time, I'm so jealous!

Verification Word is "omeniest" - I wonder if it's possible to fit that into a sentence? "Of all the good things that have happened to you this year, which do you think was the omeniest?" (We like good omens, not bad ones...)

Terry Banderas said...

Nice post. Great trip. Camera settings are irritating.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you, folks.

Donna, not on Blurb. But, who knows, maybe one day you'll get to own my book! *fingers crossed*

Felicity, now you see why it's taken so long for me to post a photo!

Lapin, I'm glad you like it.

Anthony, yes, free and inspiring is the perfect way to describe it.

Pippa, sorry about that. I did post it about a hundred times last night. It drives my obsessive compulsive side CRAZY if I do not get all the spaces in between the lines the same size (I know!). So, I decided to post it today, as oherwise I would have not been able to sleep last night!! I know!!! It's just too sad.

Thank you all, lovely people.

Joan Y said...

You are adorable my friend! Thanks for posting the pics. I really enjoyed the ones on Flickr too! :)