Sunday, February 03, 2008

paint your palette

I love the 1970s. Does it show?

This little drawing actually began as a study for one of the two bigger drawings I am currently working on. I've been trying to introduce some colour into my sepia ink drawings but I'm not, like, convinced that it's happening, man.


Anita Davies said...

LOL...I just love how you waffle on. Your drawing is beautiful.

Joan Y said...

I am so glad you're back! Oh, I think the blue is a go! And purple? Small doses would be great! LOL. I enjoy listening to you think aloud. Another wonderful AJ drawing!

E-J said...

A delight, as ever. I look forward to seeing your further experiments with additional colour. This is lovely, and although I think I probably agree about the purple, I love all the others and think they work fine. The Van Gogh button is a mini-masterpiece in itself! :)

Ann said...

I think the color looks great. Another beautiful drawing :)


Alas Andrea,

We all suffer with colour complications,
it's the nature of the beast...!

At any rate, I noticed that your sepia ink does not bleed, whereas my Rapidograph Brown hemorrhages a burnt sienna whenever water goes near it.
May I ask you to share with me the sepia pen ink you are using.


wagonized said...

Far out, AJ!!!
Gosh, any reference to Harvest and i get chills.
I like your use of color there. It works well with Sepia. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

Teri said...

It's like awesome Andrea. I really love the color. Just makes it beautifuler.

Tracy said...

wow :-)
i love it.
such tiny little wonderful details and type to boot :-)
only thing i'd say on the color is for this composition purple only exists in the one sphere - i'd like to see it again in another sphere for balance as well as how lovely it looks with the sepia.

Felicity Grace said...

Not waffling enough for me! ;) I loved the 70s until punk came along - I saw an article on the BBC about 1976 being the year when we were most happy so I guess I'm not the only one! These are just lovely, really subtle, I love seeing more colour in your work!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you folks,

Felicity, I did waffle for a lot longer but, after second thoughts, I decided to edit most of it out. You know how it goes? Never post late at night or early in the morning.

The purple doesn't work, IMO. I need more practice with the colours.

Neil, I use the Pilot G-Tec, however it too hemorrhages a burnt sienna when it gets wet. I have used colour pencils in this one.

Thank you all, I wasn't going to post this, but am glad I did now.

Desiree's Designs said...

I love your blog, you do incredible detail in your drawings. Every post is such great fun to explore!

Felicity Grace said...

Ah, that explains it! :) Yep, early in the morning/late at night but I can waffle all afternoon too!

Elizabeth said...

Just go with the flow man. Digging those positive 70's vibes... Groooooovy!



On revisiting this picture I find that the values are muted and soft and therefore helps them easily work with each other, for better or worse.
I don't think that you have attempted to use colour to help us interpret anything significant, your chosen colours and values were a safe bet. Had any one colour value been stronger, we would likely attribute more significance to it and perhaps see things differently.

That being said I am always inspired by your studies


Jennifer Lawson said...

Your work is amazing. How do you do it?

I am a child of the 70's and I can so relate.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you, folks.

valerie walsh said...

me too! happy to see your back at what you do best! Not that i can really say that you probably are good at everything! i do love what you do!

suzanne cabrera said...

Dude...the color is totally happenin'. Totally.

Roshnee said...

WOWWWW..i loveee your worrk!
i wish i could draw like u!

I'm such a newbie i have so much to learn!

So do you hand draw your stuff or is it digital??

ps. im from India, so i was pretty excited with your taj mahal drawing