Saturday, March 10, 2007

EDM#34 draw a fall leaf

I love the word autumn. In fact autumn is one of my favourite words. It's definitely my favourite season. And, the oak leaf, yep, it's my favourite leaf.


E-J said...

So simple and so gorgeous!

Teri said...

Oh so lovely. I'm glad it is your favorite!!

GCs Great Combination said...

I was looking through " google groups" and I saw your posting. I cliked on your blog, and wow I have seen some amazing drawings!

How long have you been drawing for?

mrana said...

very nice Andrea, I agree about it being simple and gorgeous, and its colour truly captures the feel of autumn. Oh, that handwriting is lovely!

Jana Bouc said...

I had to look twice to check the date. Fall? Isn't it spring? I get so confused about time myself that for a minute I thought it actually was fall! Very lovely rendition of a fall leaf.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Andrea,

Terrific blog - and I don't say that lightly. Your illustrations are very evocative.

I do like the brevity of your posts. That is a definite plus for your readers.

And your artwork is so distinctive that you'll never have a problem with illustrating each post, which is a common problem for most bloggers.

I mentor several bloggers at this forum and am always happy to answer specific questions about many aspects of blogging.

You can contact me directly at and I'll answer queries as quick as I can.

Before I go, do a Google search on Aussiejourno's Weekly Blog Awards and you'll see why I'm keen for you to nominate your blog simply by leaving your url as a comment.

Great work, Andrea. Looking foward to more.


David aka aussiejourno

Anonymous said...

Yes! What a gorgeous leaf! The texture is what blows me away -- it's soft and real.
Love the writing too.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks guys.

Yep Jana - I'm a couple of seasons out....the story of my life!!

I really like this one. I think because it's quite simple and quite different from my usual style. I was going to add more put the skeleton of the leaf in etc but didn't. And I'm glad. Do you find that you like the pieces of work that are least like your usual style?

Oh and GCS - been drawing as long as I can remember. Sometimes I drew a lot and sometimes I didn't. Since I began this blog I have been drawing everyday. Thank you for visiting and the commenting guys. It's appreciated.

Cheers everyone!

jill said...

very nice. i'm always impressed by your work. i also love the word autumn, and had my second child been a girl -- "she" would've been named autumn. my daughter, summer, is the oldest. but, i had a son, an their father names him something creative -- scott (he was a II because i refused to have a jr.!). your posting just reminded me of that idea from 21 years ago!

great leaf -- lovely work!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...


Autumn is a gorgeous name for a girl...Summer's lovely too.

Thanks for the visit and comment!

Anonymous said...

This is very nice, so simple and clean.