Tuesday, July 25, 2017

that's where you'll find me

 I have this thirst for landscapes at the moment. I don't know where it has come from, I try not to question it.
 I adore the British landscape. It's so beautiful and green and lush.
 I've done quite a bit of travelling in the past, and been to some stunning places, but I think that the colours of the UK are my favourite. There has to be some pay off for all that rain. I always knew what an inspiration it was to me, even though I was drawing lots of man made stuff. I'd drive through these hills and imagine I was breathing in the beauty and that somehow, even though it wasn't obvious, it would come out in my work.
 I've a long way to go before I produce anything I'm really happy with as I'm playing around with a whole new medium in watercolour. My attempts are a bit dull and dirty looking, but that's because I'm a messy worker.
Anyway, I am just enjoying playing in the fields right now.


Anonymous said...

LOVE it!!!!! I agree, the English landscape is beautiful, and your watercolors are, too.

Anonymous said...

I've just enjoyed watching you play. Soon enough you'll offer us some eye-popping watercolors of fine landscapes! Carry on, girl. Carry on.

Jennifer McLean said...

Hi Andrea, with your creativity I know you'll love watercolors. I took your course in SBS and it's wonderful to see you using watercolors. I have admired your work for years and can't wait to see what you create next. I think your first painting, the top one is excellent and fits your style perfectly. I'll just add as it was so helpful for me, Tracey Fletcher King has a watercolor course that's truly fantastic. If you've seen her work you know she's an incredibly expressive watercolorist and I think she and you have similar qualities in the unusual things you draw/paint. She's a personal friend of mine also so I know her skills come from an exorbitant education in art but she hated what the professors taught her so she breaks all the rules, lol. Anyway, her class is called Delicious Paint, heres the link to it. http://www.traceyfletcherking.com/classes-1/#/classes/