Wednesday, January 28, 2015

this week I be mostly using

 A little while back, probably through one of my poorer periods (one of my even more poorer periods), I decided that I would not buy any more pens until I'd used some of the many thousands that I already have. Well, okay, so yes, I have bought more - but just the black, brown and blue fine liners I use a lot of - but for the most part I have kept to that self imposed challenge.
The best thing about it is that it's making me use things I wouldn't normally choose to use. You know, the stuff that isn't the black, brown and blue fine liners. I've used lots more colour felt pens, markers and other stuff I can't think of right now. Things, when  bought, I thought I'd use all the time. They'd push me in new directions, etc. Then they sat in pencil cases and pots and on shelves and I never touched again.
Many moons ago, way before I'd taken up drawing, I got these fountain pens. I went to the Artist & Illustrators fair in London and was talked into spending a huge amount of money on these Pilot Parallel pens and a load of coloured inks. I thought I'd use them for calligraphy. Then I put them in a pencil case and didn't even look at them for a decade.
Now, I've always been a big fountain pen fan. Somewhere in this house I have a box full of old-school fountain pens, inks and nibs. I have always loved playing around with my handwriting and there's nothing better than a fountain pen for that. So rediscovering these modern fountain pens and the variety of lines they make has been a joy.
 And, what's more, it has pushed me. Next time you have a craving for a new pen why not have a dig around in your drawers (!!!) and see what you can find. I really love the results and the marks I've been making with these. Next stop is those scratchy old fountain pens that are lurking around just waiting for me to dig them out.
 So, hands up, who's gone and ordered the Pilot Parallel pen now? That wasn't the point of this post, remember?!
And, by the way, these little Toulouse Lautrec inspired drawings are up for sale dirt cheap. Yes, I'm going through one of my even more poorer periods again. get them HERE.


M Bodhisattva Hill said...

Yeah I just bought one of those. They are hard to resist...

anopensketchbook said...

Andrea---Every. single. thing. about this post speaks to me. We're on the same page. Miss you. Look forward to checking back in more often. Trying to get back to sketching for me.

winna said...

Did you do the sketches on tablecloths while drinking absinthe like Henri ? I'll bet you have far more pens than I do but I could be wrong...what a delight it is to find a supply you haven't laid eyes on for over 10 years...first comes puzzlement and then often they get set aside once more. Sure love to read your posts and this one with Jane and La Goule (sp?) was so special !

Jennifer McLean said...

Ooh, I've wanted the pilot parallel pens for ages and now I know when I next spoil myself that I can use them not only for script but for very cool art lines. Great art Andrea! (I'm loving that orange!!)

MyLittleBlueDog said...

Ha! Bought the whole range in a very extravagant moment, haven't used them much at all thought they would be good for calligraphy but I still prefer the William Mitchell nibs. Love your illustration.

Unknown said...

I just stumbled upon your sketches on pinterest and I have to say, they are amazing! I am mostly inspired by things I see, and rarely come up with ideas of my own. Plus, having a two-year old makes it near impossible to finish a drawing in a decent amount of time. A sketchbook journal would be great! Thank you for sharing your talent! Cheers from California :)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you, guys.

This was supposed to be a post about not buying more pens and using what you've got and I've just gone and bought the 6.0 nibbed Parallel pen - well, it was the only one I didn't have!

Suzanne, miss you too. And thanks for the purchase. Most appreciated. You too Mark.

I'm sorry to everyone else who went and bout these pens. Although, I do wish I'd been on commission!

Cheers, my dears.

Emma said...

It's all your fault - I've gone and ordered some now! But I have been bemoaning my lack of decent italic pens for ages, and I need a nice pen to write in my new 5 year diary!