Friday, December 12, 2014


Recently, on Facebook, I asked the question "does anyone use Flickr anymore?" I asked because I was, kind of, toying with the idea of deleting my old Flickr account. I hadn't used it in about a year. It felt like a chore to post on there, or I'd just forget - Flickr seems so isolated from those other platforms. I've also had a lot of my work stolen from Flickr (my own fault, in the old days I had no idea about resizing my images for the web). Plus, I thought it was about time I started a Facebook Page as I hear that's a great marketing/promotion tool. I just felt I was spreading myself too thin. So, I asked the question.

The response was huge.

It seems that I'm not the only one who's been posting less on Flickr these days, if at all. But there are still some people hanging out there. Some folk said they didn't like the new (not so new, now) Flickr layout. Some said that it was still the best platform to view and host visual work. A lot of people felt that these days they used Facebook and Instagram more. There were lots of pros and cons. I was swayed, back and fore, by each point made in each comment.

So I went on Flickr to have a look around again. To remind myself of why I loved it SO much back in the day. To reminisce. And, then I started posting again. I downloaded the app to my new phone, which makes it easier to post and view other people's work. But, since then I haven't blogged! Now, I've had an invite to Ello, am still setting up my Facebook Page and have, almost, been convinced to start a Pinterest account.

I'm not sure what the moral of the story is.

Outside of the online world and my online life, I've been spreading myself too thin too. I've been doing all sorts of Art Fairs and Artisan's Markets in this run up to Christmas. Getting out and sharing my sketchbooks, meeting people and promoting my work. Exactly, what I do online then.

I'm still not sure what the moral of this story is.

And, quite frankly, I'm way too tired to work it out. Up early in the morning for a weekend of Christmas markets. As I've recently noticed that my scanner is playing up, and that my scans seem very odd colours, so there's something else I need to replace, alongside my car and my washing machine. So, yeah, keep on going, keep on working, keep the wolf from the door and keep trying to eke out a living out of this art business. Maybe I just need to accept that I'll be spreading myself thin for the foreseeable future. Perhaps that's it.
The drawing at the top of the page is a local art/craft fair that I've taken part in on a few occasions. The guy above is a local character who stopped by to look at our sketchbooks and buy my book. He is in the top drawing too, can you spot him?


CC said...

Hard to make that choice of how much time to spend online when there's so much art to make! But fun to see more art too! Just take care of yourself and do what makes you happy! Great sketches BTW! Thanks for all you've done to inspire me! ♥


I love your blog-it's like a serial episode from you while I wait for the new zines or books. I hope you will continue it because your writings are a window into your sketching experiences in addition to your amazing artwork. I know you can put all that stuff on facebook but the blogger format is so much more appealing to me and I never miss your blog post where facebook is hit or miss. So that's my vote.

Anonymous said...

I only started using flickr because that's where Urban Sketchers shares images. Now there is the hoopla about flickr selling images and not giving the artist any proceeds. They've only done that for those who have used the least restrictive Creative Commons license. So if you're on flickr, make sure the setting is for copyright!

I NEVER host an image on Facebook. They are even more evil.... the terms of service for images says they can use your image any way they want! I ONLY post LINKS to blog posts or an image and not host it on the FB servers.

It's really hard for artists to keep control of their work these days in social media. It's needed for marketing, but also a risk.

Angela Vular said...

I have a flickr account. I really don't use it unless I am involved in a class but I do like it. The only reason I opened a facebook acct is because of sketchbook school and my nephew, who is in the army. I am not crazy about facebook. I do prefer flickr. Then again I am a huge blog reader. I guess they are all good in their own way but the time they take up is scary. Love the sketch your posted of the man buying your book.

Unknown said...

I find your blog very inspiringand have tried to find your page on FB before, so I'm very glad you're setting one up! I also have an Ello account but currently have one 'friend'! Good luck with juggling it all :)

Anonymous said...

I used Flickr quite a bit in the past, but I agree that it seems to be lagging behind other platforms. It annoys me that you have to sign-in with a Yahoo account now :( Oh, I wish I was as busy promoting my artwork as you are! I'm still struggling to make it a daily habit, embrace my style, & work up the courage to keep sharing my sketches.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks so much guys.

Redharparts, I had no idea Flickr sold images. Geeez! This whole thing is a minefield, right?

I'm still toying with the Facebook Page. I've set one up but not published it. The reason for doing that was because there is another Andrea Joseph artist/illustrator with a Fb Page and I don't want people thinking that is me (not that there's anything wrong with her work, it's just not me), which, looking at the comments and messages, on her Page, they do!

Claire, I haven't got around to even looking at Ello yet. I liked what I've read about it but it's getting the time. I'll be your friend!!

Yeah, Jamie, that Yahoo thing really annoys me too.

What do you do?? It seems that actually, after all, that blogging may be the best thing?

It is the huge time drain - the internet and social media - that is the issue and on that note I'm switching it off before my afternoon disappears!

Thanks all, for stopping by and commenting. Appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

For the artists that I follow I prefer Flickr. I like to easily be able to favourite something and come back to it later. I'm not on Facebook so it's not an option for me.