Saturday, November 15, 2014

come together

Last weekend I had one of those perfectly creative weekends. The kind of weekend that I wish all weekends were like (does that sentence even make sense? Do those words even make a sentence?).
As you may or may not know,  I co-run Dr Sketchy Sheffield. You probably do, I certainly bang on about it enough. But, then why wouldn't I when we are THIS fabulous? This is what we created in the Backroom of a pub in Sheffield last Saturday.
When I say 'we' I'm talking about everyone who is involved in making these events happen, from myself and Lara, who run the shows, to the guys who play the music, take the photos, run the bar, the sketchers, and, of course, our amazing models. Just look how brilliant they are.
These girls are a Burlesque Dance Troupe who call themselves The Yorkshire Puddings. They've modelled for us before and they never fail to blow our socks off.

It has to be said, that I probably do less drawing than if I were just a sketcher, but there's something just as magical about creating the events as there is creating the drawings. Here's a couple of mine below, though, they don't always go to plan...

Big shout out to our Eric Murphy for these fantastic photos. You can see the whole set of them HERE.
 I LOVE Dr Sketchy and look forward to another year of cooking up themes and making this sort of magic happen.
On Sunday I got to do a lot more drawing. It was Urban Sketchers Yorkshire's 50th event, and myself and fellow sketcher, Paul Gent, loosely organised a sketchcrawl/pubcrawl/pubscrawl in Buxton. Paul made the map, above.
 We started at 12 noon and went on into the evening. Just a lovely day, sketching my fellow sketchers.
And, yes, we had to have a photo, to celebrate our 50th and, yes, I seem to be hiding.
 So, all in all, a perfectly sketchy, creative weekend. It's hard for me to imagine that it is only the last, say, three years that I've been drawing out and about and with people. I spent so long at home, drawing alone, I couldn't be happier that this whole new world opened up to me when I stepped outside of my house to draw. You get good things from being people, and you learn so much too. Thanks to everyone I spent the weekend with. It was a pleasure.
Phew, I'm exhausted now. That was the longest blog post ever!
If you're interested in finding out more and, perhaps, joining us at either Dr Sketchy Sheffield or Urban Sketchers Yorkshire then get in touch with me and I'll fill you in on the details. Or, you can follow the links to our Facebook Groups and have a little look around, get to know us and maybe I'll sketch you soon!
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dinahmow said...

What a happy crew! And you're not hiding - just vertically challenged!
Antone reading this and wondering about need not worry - these are lovely people.

Karen said...

That was a creative weekend. In the meantime I did your assignment for SBS and put your blog in my favorite-list (-:. I 'discovered' you through SBS and now I want to follow you, it didn't need that much convincing to make me a fan. I hope somewhere in future I will find the guts to go out and sketch too, and to find a sketchgroup like yours, sounds so much fun! Enjoy your week, greetings, Karen

Valerie Gardiner said...

I love what you do with a pen, Andrea and I do wish I lived near enough to come to one of those Dr Sketchy evenings they look such fun!

Anonymous said...

Andrea, I stumbled on your work years ago and just became reacquainted via a post about you (I believe) on Cult Pens. Your work is captivating. You make the world a better place. Here's wishing you much continued success!


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you, so much guys. That's really kind of you. Not sure what to say!

Karen and Valerie, sketchcrawl groups, like ours, and Dr Sketchy (not quite like ours!)hold events around the globe. You may well find one near you - depending where you live (obviously!). I can only recommend both.

Many thanks, James, I'm blushing!

Cheers, guys.

Sherry Pierce Thurner said...

I haven't checked in for ages, but was thrilled to see you involved with Dr. Sketchy. There was one near me in Madison, Wisconsin, for several years. I just got started and they gave up and quit having the sessions. So much fun! Anyway, I adored seeing your sketches.