Saturday, August 23, 2014

me, myself and the Gents

Me, drawing, by Paul Gent
I'm very lucky to have met some really wonderful artists over the last few years. Artists from around the world. I've met them online, then met them in person. In many lovely parts of the world. Plus, as well as that, I regularly meet up with some brilliant artists closer to home.
Me, drawing, by Miriam Gent
These drawings, of me, were made by a couple of extremely talented friends, Miriam and Paul Gent. They were created, just a couple of weeks ago, on a local Sketchcrawl/Pubcrawl that we three planned (in the pub). It was so local it went through the streets we live on.
Me, drawing, by Paul Gent
It's amazing, when you look, what and who you'll find on your doorstep.
I couldn't love them more; the drawings and the Gents.


Andria said...

Such talent! Someday with a little application maybe I'll enjoy a sketchcrawl myself...what a fun concept!

Icy Sedgwick said...

They're wonderful drawings!

Stacy said...

Andrea, I loved your turn at Sketchbook Skool and have been lost in your blog since! Did you ever do a children's book? I'd love to see your work but need an invite. I hope you can suffer a question or two: Do you always begin a drawing in pen and build from there? And, is there a difference between being an illustrator and one who draws? Just curious. Take care!