Sunday, March 03, 2013

and it gleamed in the distance and it shone like the sun

A new one here. When I started this it was going to be one of my trademark pen drawings. Just a bunch of pens on a page. I don't know at what point it became London Bridge. That's even if it is London bridge and not, in fact, Tower Bridge.

Can you read the text on this one? Cos, I seriously have NO idea what I'm doing when it comes to resizing these days. It's pot luck.

Anyway, this one drawing is not just new to my blog, but it's new to my shop too. I've put a few originals up for sale over the last few days. Have a gander HERE.


Rachael said...

Tower Bridge. And I love it!

Rachael said...

Tower Bridge. And I love it!

the quirky brunette said...

I LOVE this, so clever.

I think it is Tower Bridge but not entirely sure myself!

HayleySarah said...

thats bloody brilliant, I love it!

nicedaydesigns said...

So smart, I love it! My partner is telling me London Bridge is in America, some rich guy bought it thinking it was Tower Bridge, he bought the wrong one, and after all that it didn't fit!

also on

aintshakespeare said...

My guess is Tower Bridge. I think London Bridge fell down. Or it's currently falling down. I heard it in a song once.

The red pens are cool. I really like the idea.

T. Roger Thomas said...

Yeah, that's Tower Bridge and it looks fantastic!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks, folks.

You know, the last time is was in London I stayed in a hotel that was on the doorstep of London Bridge (you can see a drawing I made, of one of the souvenirs I bought whilst there, in the last post, in Danny's book) and it looked absolutely nothing like this. Yep, it's definitely Tower Bridge. Apparently, this is a common mistake.

And, yes, London Bridge's only fame is that it's falling down. Although, it looked fine when I was there.

Cheers, my dears.

Kaitlyn S. C Hatch said...

London Bridge has a great view of Tower Bridge but that's about it. I'd have to say that London Bridge is the least impressive bridge in all of London. It used to be really cool because it was the only bridge and it was full of shops and houses and stuff.

And it did burn down.

Then they rebuilt it.

Then they sold it to the Americans.

Then they built a new one - which is the boring current version.

History lesson done.

Really wicked drawing.