Tuesday, May 29, 2012

come gather round people

This weekend sees the Derbyshire Open Arts annual event. Throughout the county artists open their homes and studios to the public. This is the first time I've participated and I was kindly invited to exhibit alongside some really great local artists; Rob Wilson, Sandra Orme, Catriona Hall and photographer Lynne McPeake. Our exhibition will be held at Catriona's barn and we will be there from Friday 2nd - Monday 4th, 11am-5pm. We're a real diverse bunch which should make for an interesting show.

Anyone in the area please pop along for some coffee, cake and lovely art. You can also have a flick through my sketchbooks while you're there. And, just so you don't get lost Catriona made this little map. Cheers!


Tine said...

Wish I could be there...
Have a great time!

dinahmow said...

Well, I'd love to join you!
Hope all get red spots.
(PS...Bristol also has crown chimney pots!)