Wednesday, April 04, 2012

hold on

A little commercial break here, folks.You know, as uncomfortable as I find doing this kind of thing, I HAVE to.

Today, I am offering a unique little piece of art. Well, two actually and a special edition of the zine How To Draw Like A Nut. I have just put these two little drawings above for sale. Also, included in the package is a version of the said zine, jam packed full of extra handwritten notes. So pop on by my shop for a better view HERE.



Julinka said...

Really, by far the best ballpoint art i've seen in a long.
need to put some money aside ;)

xx Jule

Rachael said...

Bother! Raced to the shop as soon as I saw your post and the drawings had gone. Maybe next time...

Rachael said...

Bother! Raced to the store as soon as I saw the post but the drawings have already been bought.
Next time maybe!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you, folks.
And thanks to my lovely friend and patron Tine for keeping the wolf from my door!


Tine said...

Just couldn´t resist it... ;-)
Have a nice weekend!