Friday, December 02, 2011

why i went missing

I'm just coming to the end of the commissions that all go out for Christmas. I've been drawing into the wee hours of the night. Or is that morning? I've lost all sense of time. I'll be back to share some of this work with you from tomorrow. I will I will I will.


Unknown said...

One of my favourite subjects - washing on a line.

Carol Wiebe said...

Me too! Why is that? NOBODY puts wash on the line anymore. (I hope that statement is disproved.)

You draw like an angel, Andrea, though of course I have no idea how creatures from the heavenly realm draw, or even if they do-- I'm just trying to say that your abilities go way beyond the average human being.

Hope you find yourself.

Judith Logan said...

I love this! and occasionally I do put out my washing, but I live in Ireland now, so need I say any more? love your work, Judith