Thursday, September 22, 2011

inbetween tonight and my tomorrow

So, as it says in the drawing, these are the pens that I am currently using in my new sketchy Moleskine.

The second from the left used to be my most favourite pen ever. It's so fine and inky (no, I'm not sure what I meant by that either). Unfortunately my beloved Pilot G-Tec is being relegated to the subs bench these days. A couple of reasons for that a) it is not waterproof and b) it is most definitely not lightproof.

You might remember that I did a huge amount of work with the sepia, or brown, Pilot G-tec. In fact, I dedicated an entire Moleskine to that pen (see it HERE). And, a whole load of my favourite sepia drawings besides. So here's my question; could anyone tell me of an alternative. A brown fine liner that IS light resistant. I'd appreciate it muchly. Cheers.


Sherrie Drummond said...

Hi, I love your blog. I didn't see one, but just wanted to make sure I hadn't overlooked an RSS feed? I would love to add it to my feeds if you have one!

Also, I would love to "interview" you for my Altered Hearts blog, if you're interested! my email: sherrie AT sherriejd DOT com


mo said...

love that dragon rollerball! the Pitt artist pens is one of my favorites, even over the Microns, i believe. hope you get your question about light-fastness answered. meanwhile, love, love your drawings.

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Carin Winkelman said...

My thoughts would go to the pitt pens too. They claim to be lightfast anyway. I love them and use them in my sketchbooks, so not much light is shedded on them, so I can not be a fair judge. I believe faber castell has info on their lightfastness on their site.

Zoe, ontheroad said...

Check cultpens in Britain. They claim to have a sepia lightfast by Pentel (something that is not available in the States).

Unknown said...

WOW!!! You're an amazing artist!!

jester1966de said...

I loved the Pilot G-tec pen, too (I mislaid it or it got stolen, I don't know - and I never managed to find another one in Germany). For a sepia lightfast pen try to find a Copic - I got several sepias from 0.005 to 0.8 and it says they are lightfast. The tip isn't as durable as the Pilot G-tec though.

JoeCubicle said...

Andrea, have you ever considered the Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph pens?
They are tech drawing pens and you can get a number of colors of ink for them. Then only drawback is you have to use their ink as far as I know. I personally like the Lamy Safari fountain pen and I use Noodlers black in it and it works great. I tried putting the Noodlers in the Rapidograph and it did not work. I do have some sepia ink for my Rapidograph and it looks great. I got the 7 pen set of Rapidographs off eBay for $10 US. DEAL DEAL DEAL!!!
I love them!!!

I hope this info finds you well.

Pat 'JoeCubicle' G.
Former 'Every Day Matters' Yahoo group member

rhomany said...

I keep hoping Uni Pins will come out in sepia too. You can get red and blue and all the widths 0.05mm to 1.0mm though. Pitt pens come in F and SF in sepia and Pilot do a drawing pen in sepia. All available on Fred Aldous website & shop in Manchester (I'm not affiliated with them, they just happen to be local, cheap and reliable)

Storm1 said...

I love and use the faber castell sepia tone pens.

Amy said...

Hi Andrea
I too have spent a lot of time looking for a light and water fast sepia pen to match the warm red brown and the fine fine line of the Pilot G-tec.

The good news is I've managed to find a good match for the ink colour. Pilot DR pens are available in a light and water proof sepia pigment ink that is near as damn the same colour. They are my new sepia pen of choice. The bad news is, although the smallest nib is pretty fine, they are not yet available in as fine a line as unipins or pigma microns and because they have a fibre tip it is not as easy to control the ink flow as it is with the g-tecs. Try them out though, I think you'll like them.

They are available here in both black and sepia:

Amy x

Zoe, ontheroad said...

Amy's reference is what I suggested.

Wish they were available in the States.

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andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you, guys. I knew I could rely on you. Great stuff here.

I'm not that struck on the Pitt pen myself. There's something about the nib that doesnt suit me. Plus, I don't really like the colour of the sepia or the sanguine. Although, saying that my, next addition to this black pen drawing will be the Pitt black brush pen.

Amy, brilliant. Thanks. that was one of the issues I have with other sepia pens - I love the colour of the Pilot G-tec. I havent found anything that comes close to it. Yet. I'll be ordering a couple of the ones you mentioned.

In fact, guys, I'll be looking into all of your recommendations. Thanks again.

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