Friday, August 12, 2011

you've found some better place

Well, I guess like most of this country, I feel in shock right now. I'm not even sure how to express that anger, and the sadness, so I'll just keep on drawing.

It's all about the black pen at the moment. I'm finding it difficult to put it down.

This is another drawing from the graphic novel idea I have. The rest of the drawings from that book can be seen HERE. Anyone like to take a guess on what it's about?



It's mystery to me! Love all your drawings!

Anonymous said...

Not just this one, I see your sketches and they make me smile.

I think it's your style I find appealing. Due care, some interpretation and clarity. Makes for very nice artwork.


Carin Winkelman said...

Sorry about all the mess going on over there, hope it all gets better soon.

As for the graphic novel, it's obviously about glasses, letters and teaspoons. Duh! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Me,too! So sorry about the sad event going on there! Keep up your wonderful work!!! Arts always make me calm,and I am so happy that it does the same trick for you,too. I really enjoy your arts!

My guess is it is about traveling,family,or memories? I am not very good at guessing...^___^!

Happy creating art!

christina said...

As always your artwork is beautiful Andrea!! Sorry to hear about what's going on there, but I'm glad that you are safe! Although it wasn't nearly as serious as what's going on there, we had riots in Vancouver a couple of months back. I remember feeling so angry and embarrassed over it!
I was so glad for technology for a change and all the thousands of photos that were sent in from people's cell phones showing who was responsible for it!!!

rhomany said...

There's definitely a 'French roadtrip to Paris with the girls' theme going on in the Flickr collection. Loving the drawings.
I went to Buxton to see your exhibition today. Really enjoyed it and spent ages looking at all the details. So fantastic to see 'live' what I've been looking at on the screen for years. Finally picked up a copy of your 'How to Draw Like A Nut' booklet too - always seems to be out of stock when I remember to visit your Etsy. We both said how obvious your local influences are on your work too. Coming over on the bus from Hanley to Buxton, I could 'see' various little drawings of cottages and fields and trees of yours in the landscape. Well worth the extortionate bus fare to go and see. :)

Anonymous said...

Know how you feel. I'm in the south east. Going to bed seeing the smoke of people's houses burning away with your baby in the next room and the fear of the unknown is not a week I wish to repeat. All I found solace in was drawing and making. And checking the BBC live feed to see if my husbands work place was ok. Absolutely awful. But seeing how many people and communities who stood up to it and united against it all completely inspired me. I have a new love for my fellow englishman.

Beth said...

This drawing is lovely and suitably mysterious that I am looking forward to buying it and reading the story! Your work is unique and I am enjoying it online. Your situation there in England must be very concerning. Somehow I never picture troubles like these happening in England. I hope all is resolved soon.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks, guys.

Hmmm. Some of the guessers have guessed a tiny bit of the story, but it's unfair to ask as it is a many layered story - like my drawings!

Rhomany, thanks so much for visiting the exhibtion. I intend to do a big thank you post to everyone soon. I have to go and take everything down tomorrow. Where on earth will it all go?

I think that the most comforting thing about the awful events, here, of the last week or so is that it has united the decent hard working people. I dont know. I still feel shocked and sickened.

Cheers, my dears.

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