Saturday, April 17, 2010

you know me better than that

From fish to chips.
A great big thanks, once again, for the response to my last post. You guys always come up with the goods. A few people suggested that I should expand my Etsy shop. It's certainly something I intend to do. Talking of which, I've just added this print to the shop.
Anyone who orders in the next few days can get their portion of chips for a low price, and for the weekend only free postage. Which really does make this print (am I really going to say this?) as cheap as chips.
Buy this print HERE.


Samarjit Roy said...

Hey nice chips!!!

Anonymous said...

Someone pass me the balsamic vinegar already ! :)
Andrea, I always feel a bit guilty at viewing your latest've worked so hard, and here I am, enjoying it for niks. It's sort of like people who go into every art gallery in NY and feast their senses but never intend buying anything, not even a print or a postcard to support the artist if they can't afford the paintings, yet they've had the pleasure. Some people simply don't have the space to put anymore I'm proposing this:
How about you set up a donation sort of thing whereby people who enjoy your blog can go and stick some moolah in ? Now hang on, before you get your knickers in a knot: it's not charity, but a genuine opportunity for all of us who enjoy your art and writings to show our appreciation....hmmm ?
Or, if that doesn't grab ya, why not sell a tutorial on here, or Etsy ? I would pay you via Paypal, and then you send me the file by e-mail, or send me a code or link to where you've put the file ?
If you're squeamish about charging for stuff, heck, I'll write the copy for you ( I have a thick skin, as you can tell LOL!)


Eugen Caitaz said...

Andrea! I never not have seen so interesting art work! I think that you need to make publicity for Mcdonalds! :)

Aarti Harish said... are an amazing artist...loved all your works...

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