Monday, October 19, 2009

so may i introduce to you

Ok, I'm pretty excited about this. It is, I have to say, my most favouritest piece of work I've ever come up with. And, there's hardly a drawing in sight! But, if I tell you I am a mad Peter Blake fan it might just explain why I love it SO much.

The response I got to the call for stamps has already stunned me, and they keep on coming in. Originally, I only needed them to fill up this - the inner cover of my travel Moleskine. But I'm loving them so much that I've already started another big mad drawing collage incorporating them. To those who have sent me stamps, if you can't see yours in this one, keep tuned in. Because this could be just the start of a new stamp based obsession.

Thanks for helping me out guys. I knew I could rely on you.


mo said...

wow, as an avid stamp collector, i was totally enthralled with your moleskine spread. completely awesome, triple love it!


petescully said...

oh this is lovely! Wish i'd seen your call for stamps, i collected loads at work from all the international mail i receive, and ended up doing very little with them. Should have saved them for you. Dumped them in the end.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Looking good. My contribution should reach you soon.

Teri said...

Gee, I missed this whole episode! Looks fabulous!!!

MrCachet said...

I'm just really, really slow, Andrea. I haven't even started the envelope yet and you're already getting stamps!

suzanne cabrera said...

GOOOOORGEOUS!!!!!!! Incredible. Fantastic. Stunning.

David Meredith said...


dor said... a stamp collector myself....i love this....
u r such an such a mad fan of urs....
is this actually a drawing?
i meaan the stamps...

Roadchick said...

Oh wow - I SO love that. I'm envious & want it for myself!!!

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness---incredibly cool!

Unknown said...

I like it much looks very nice !

AnnaBanana said...

looks very good - so much staff) especially if you know this is from different places and people were sending it. i collect such a stamps from envelopes only)) it's not so interesting to just buy them)

froy said...

This looks great, and I realy like the way you put in small draws of your own (MOO mini cards, right?).
Flickr mail me your address if you want stamps from Denmark, Iran and Russia.

aka Vanadisa

kelly said...

gorgeous! :-)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks folks. It's really very nice isn't it? I keep on opening the book just to drool over this spread.

Dipti, the answer is kind of yes and no. There are some drawings of mine hidden amongst the stamps. But they are Moo stickers and cards. So not originals! The whole thing is definately not a drawing!

Thanks, everyone. For the comments and the stamps.

Leah said...

Love it!! I love collages and this looks really good. :)

dor said...

Thanks andrea. Hey...if you don't mind may i ask who r u?
i mean am curious...u r just so very talented.....plz 4give me if am being offensive.

K said...

Super fun, Andrea! What a great way to use stamps! Glad to see mine arrived (I wouldn't have known except when I blew it up I saw my name ! :)

Anonymous said...

This collection is delightful, fascinating, elegantly arranged and hard to tear oneself away from it!
Joan Gillman Smith

Anonymous said...

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