Tuesday, February 27, 2007

who would live in a house like this?

Well it's two months since I did my New Year goal post and I still haven't touched my book. There is some kind of avoidance issues going on. One problem is that I need to use paints for the book artwork. As I do all my drawing from my armchair, listening to the tv, it means actually moving from this location. It's just not practical trying to balance paint, ink and water on the arm of the chair. However I have decided it is time. I need to get the paints out for the exhibition picture too, so it kills two birds with one stone (I don't like that saying at all. Killing birds it's just nasty!). So expect some children's book related posts - and if you don't see any feel free to tell me off!

PS. The picture is a little taster from the book.


Teri said...

Oh, it is so perfect. I love it and the colors are lucious.

Guess what, I paint in my chair all the time. I have tables on each side and manage to fill them up and get the job done. Now that you know it can be done......tee hee.

pedalpower said...

The colors in this are so calming...looks like getting up very early in the morning. Lovely

Anthony said...

You have such a beautiful, round glowing quality to all your work, but especially evident here. I have no idea how you do it. And I love the colors you use. Just great, Andrea.

mrana said...

If this beautiful illustration is anything to go by (I agree with Anthony, it just glows!) I am SO looking forward to seeing more. I know what you mean about the comforts of the sofa as that's exactly my problem too! :)

singinghawk said...

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comments. I think your work is stunning, too...quite charming -- I love the story book quality!

Regards from California,


Anonymous said...

I usually say "to kill two stones with one bird" -- that solves the cruelty issue. :-)
Love this little scene -- it's the little details that kill me. It promises to be an amazing book.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you guys!

Teri, I already have one table overflowing with art supplies - this tiny living room couldn't take another!

France - I am definatley going to pinch that quote! It's so much nicer and, yep, it solves the cruelty issue!!


Anonymous said...

Can not wait seeing how you progress with the book!

I myself paint at a tiny kitchen table in the cellar, usually with the washingmachine/dishwasher running, and a whole bunch of crazy kids surrounding me.... :)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks guys.

Anna - I'm not sure how you do that! I need peace before I can even contemplate painting!

Laserone - thank you so much for the amazing comments that you have left on my blog. They've made my day!